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Joe Gibbs Media Session

On if there is a competition among the kickers:

"Shaun (Suisham, K, #6) was someone we wanted to look at, so we brought him in to let him work. I had a good talk with Nick (Novak, K, #3) today. He understands that competitively. We will take a good look at it and then size up our situation. Having him on our practice squad gives us someone else to look at."

On facing the Atlanta Falcons after having a role in their organization in the past:

"I have a lot of respect for a lot of people over there. Arthur (Blank, Owner & CEO) and I had a relationship when we were racing and he was at Home Depot. I got to know him real well. I think he is an excellent person. I got to know him and spend some time with him. Certainly he gave me an opportunity there. There are a lot of other people in the organization that I know. I look at them as a football team with a quarterback that is pioneering new ground. He is an exceptional player, not only that their running backs are extremely quick. They do a great job in the rushing game. They are number one in the league at rushing the football. Their defense has been very complicated for us. It has been hard preparation for us. Their special teams are real athletic. Both of these teams are trying to win a football game. Certainly there are people there I know and have respect for but they are getting ready from a Falcons standpoint and we are getting ready from a Redskins standpoint."

On if they tried to recruit him head coach in Atlanta:

"I was just there. There was a conversation but there was nothing serious about it. I really felt like this is the only place I could coach."

On Falcons quarterback Michael Vick:

"I think he can throw the ball from anywhere. I saw him play one game in college and he is the best athlete I have seen in college. I have seen him roll to his right and throw it. I think people underestimate his ability with the ball as far as passing. He is an exceptional athlete. He is a guy that can dominate a game. That is hard to find. He is extremely hard to prepare for because he is unorthodox. You have three days of practice to try and prepare for someone like that. He is not the only one. They have a heck of a tight end. Their receivers and running backs are extremely quick and highly productive. I think they have a very good scheme that fits what they are doing. They have struggled some in winning football games just like we have. Both of these teams are going to really want it."

On possibly getting back into the playoff race if they can get on a roll again:

"I look at the next game. That is what happens at this point. You just try to win the next game. That is what I get focused on. It is so competitive each and every week. We have seen a lot of upsets. It is hard to pick who is going to win week to week. For us, our whole focus is Atlanta. That is the only thing that we can try and prepare for. It will take a great effort for us and it will take a great performance."

On how he can guard against a let down like the ones they had earlier in the year after big wins:

"We talk to our players about it. I think they are real smart. They lived through that and it was a big disappointment. If you are going to do something up here you are going to have to play extremely hard week after week. That is my concern. That is a challenge for all of us."

On Santana Moss (WR, #89):

"The first part of the game he was hesitant. The first time you get out there and are really busting it you are a little hesitant on how hard you can go. I talked to him this morning and the last time he did that he was extremely sore and this week he is not. I think he gained some confidence late in the game."

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