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Joe Gibbs Media Session: Roster Cuts

Opening Statement:

"It's been a long day for us. We've been visiting a lot of guys. It's tough anytime you have to go and cut players who have worked extremely hard. The rules are that we only go with a certain number of players, so we had to get down on our numbers. We had to make some tough decisions. We spent most of the day visiting with guys and trying to talk our way through it. But we have a final roster here."

On whether some cuts were tougher than others:

"I'd say we had some situations like that. As a matter of fact, quite a few were like that. But as a staff, you've been agonizing over it for a while. Certainly there are players there who you wish you could have on your squad. Our heart goes out to them. I had some tough conversations today. You don't like doing it, but it's something you have to do."

On whether it was tougher to cut players who were with the team in 2004:

"I always take that real tough. Somebody who made it for us last year. I'm just hoping that things work out the best for them and in some cases you hope that somebody else picks them up. If not, we'll just have to wait and see what happens here."

On whether the numbers at each position were what he expected:

"There was some variation in it, because you could always go one player up or one player down, but I think in general that was the case."

On Zak Keasey earning a roster spot:

"I think what Zak did, it was one of those stories where nobody was giving him a chance, maybe because of his height. But from the time he got here, he was very productive on special teams, so we'll be counting on him there. Also, [linebackers coach] Dale Lindsey liked him at linebacker and liked his attitude. Zak didn't miss a play and went after it hard on every single down. He was somebody who earned it."

On the release of LB Robert McCune, a fifth-round draft pick:

"In general, there's always strategy where you're trying to work something out and bring people back to the practice squad.

On the release of two second-day draft picks during preseason:

"It's one of those things that worked out the way it did."

On Jimmy Farris:

"Jimmy made a good impression on us in the time he was here. I have nothing but good things to say about him."

On the size of his wide receivers:

"I think our receivers, you've got Taylor and Thrash, they're probably a little more than 6-0. Our other guys are smaller receivers. Hopefully they'll be real productive. We think they will be."

On Andy Groom winning the punting job:

"He has punted here in preseason. We felt like with Andy, from everything we could tell and the decision process that went into it, he's been seasoned because he's been other places. He's been at this for about three years. Hopefully what we have there is a young guy on the rise. And I think John Hall really likes him as a holder. The other night is a good example, he goes in there and he kicks a game-tying field goal. That's about as much pressure as you're going to get. They seem to have a good relationship. We felt like he was the guy we need to keep there."

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