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Joe Gibbs On Sept. 11

Head coach Joe Gibbs discussed his thoughts on opening the 2006 regular season on Sept. 11, the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon:

On what opening the season on September 11th means to him:

"I remember where I was--I was walking off the golf course and a guy said, 'Hey, come here, look at this TV'--and I remember being in shock. It's something that you didn't even think could happen and I think I always reflect on that.

"My statement on that generally, when out at the youth home or anything, when we think about the young people out there and the young people in the world sometimes you ask, 'Can they be influenced?' How much impact can you have to young people like that? How much can you influence them? I'd have to say, 'A lot.' If you think about those young guys (terrorists) when they were three, four, five, six, seven, eight, somebody taught them to hate.

"I think about our country and the safety we have and all of the people that pay the price for us to be safe and live here and get a chance to do all of the fun things we do.

"Sometimes when I'm involved in football I feel guilty because there are so many people fighting around the world to protect us. We're getting to be in a profession like this and the players who play it and me--I get to coach it. I'm just really thankful that we've got so many people that stand up for us around the world.

"I try to pray every chance I get for all of our armed forces that are in harm's way all around the world protecting us. It just makes you realize how fragile everything is. I never dreamed something like that could happen and it shakes the whole world."

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