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Joe Gibbs Post-Game Press Conference

On the game:

"I think for us it was a hard-fought game. Our guys fought their guts out. We hurt ourselves again with the turnovers. It's kind of hard and frustrating for us--if we can find a way to keep from turning the ball over, it would sure help our cause playing good football teams. There were a number of key plays. We lost James Thrash. That was two receivers in two weeks. We have to adjust to a few things game plan-wise."

On the offense:

"We weren't real consistent. We made some plays and got down in there and turned it over once. We got down to the side, but I think it was just one of those things where it was a hard-fought game."

On the defense:

"The defense made some good plays. The start of the second half, though, they went down the field and scored. It was a back and forth game. We just need to find a way to play out of this. We have to see how bad our injuries are, particularly at receiver. We will just have to adjust and find a way to make plays and win ball games. There was a chance for us to do it out there today."

On the controversial calls:

"We are fighting extremely hard. I think in both of those games, there were a lot of those plays that could have won the game. I look at it as we win it together and we lose it together. The focus of the next game is that we are 5-5 and will have to find a way to win a game."

On the apparent fumble by the Raiders late in the game that was ruled down by contact:

"What I saw was the ball on the ground. I think we got it. I was going to challenge it and they said you can't challenge it because one of the refs in the middle called it down by contact and you can't challenge it if that's the call."

On Mike Sellers going back on the field:

"He is one of our best football players, particularly on teams as a leader. That's a situation where you have to hold your poise. You've got to play football. You can't afford penalties. I saw the penalty, but I didn't see what took place to get the penalty in order to get the call."

On Mark Brunell:

"I think Mark is playing his guts out. I think he is a reflection of all of us on offense right now. We're not smooth over there and we need to find a way to score points. I think he is right there with all of us. I know he is fighting for us and is a heck of a leader."

On what they expected of Oakland's defense:

"They have a real good defense. They have a number of schemes, but didn't do anything really different."

On crucial calls that have not gone their way the last few weeks:

"You would hope that it wouldn't happen. I've always taken the approach that one call doesn't cost you the game. But those calls are crucial for us."

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