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Joe Gibbs Post-Scrimmage Press Conference

On playing the Baltimore Ravens in the scrimmage and the first week of training camp:

"We're finishing up our first week having the scrimmage today. We appreciate the Baltimore Ravens, Coach Brian Billick, everybody over there. We had a good work today, I think Brian felt the same way so. I think we're okay (injury-wise). I think we just had a bruise in the knee there with Nic Clemons (DL #90). Finishing up our first week, I was obviously really hoping no one would get hurt and I think we came out of it in pretty good shape. Carlos Rogers (CB # 22) couldn't go. He still has the back spasms, but I think we finished up our first week of work in pretty good shape."

On the scrimmage:

"What we decided to do today was get the guys who we think have the chance to make the team--some of those young roles, backup roles--we decided to give them a lot of work in the scrimmage. I told our fans that we have a lot of work to do obviously, the Redskins have a long way to go.

On the fans in attendance at the scrimmage:

"The team is kind of rough at this point all the way around, but as I told them, our fans are in mid-year form. To come out today and have that kind of a crowd for a scrimmage is fantastic. All week we have had tremendous heat and I had concerns because we had upwards of 3,000 people at Redskins Park and I was so concerned because we had so many people out there and it was so hot. I really appreciate them. Nobody has a fan base like this and I really appreciate all of them and I know all of our players do too. Just to walk out there for a scrimmage and see that kind of excitement and everything, we really appreciate it. Thanks to Dan (Snyder) for all he has done for us so far at this point: getting our lights at practice, having this scrimmage today and all the things he has done, we appreciate him."

On the team's performance at the scrimmage:

"Coming out of the first week of work, we'll sit down tomorrow and look at the film, but I felt like we were kind of rough and have a lot of work to do all the way around. I'm sure that we'll see some things on that film, both good and bad, and that is really our objective at this point."

On the Redskins Defense:

"I felt like quite a few of our defensive guys were in there. I had Gregg (Williams, Asst. Head Coach-Defense) kind of pick and choose what he wanted to do there. We felt like we wanted to spend most of the time looking at the guys who could make a real move to make the team. We wanted to get as much film on them as we can. As we start preseason next week, we know that we're going to be putting our best people out there for a while. We really didn't make that decision [to play those defensemen in the scrimmage today] until we sat down yesterday after going through our first week of practice, and talked about what we could do to get the most out of the scrimmage. [We used the] first front line guys out there for most of the 7-on-7 work, and used most of the scrimmage on offense to look at the guys who we thought really had a chance to fill some roles for us."

On impressions of Jesse Lumsden (RB, #37) thus far:

"In every single work day there hasn't been a day where we have looked at the film and didn't say, 'This guy is quick.' Danny liked him on special teams. He's very smart. We'll give him some key roles which I think he could fill. I think there isn't a scrimmage where he hasn't done something to catch somebody's eye so I'd say he is one of the guys we're really going to look at. He's a promising young guy and he deserves some work."

On Sean Taylor (S, # 21):

"He definitely flashed out there on some plays. I'm always cautious and want to look at the films but I think at this point Sean is rocking and rolling."

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