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Joe Gibbs Training Camp Media Session

On today's practice:

"I think it was a good days work for us we had two-a-days. I think we had some minor stuff, some bumps and bruises. I think from an injury standpoint we are in good shape. Mike Sellers (FB, #45) was back today. David Patten (WR, #80) is the only one we are concerned about. He will probably be in the hospital for two or three days he has some sort of viral infection that they don't think is anything serious, but it will probably take him a few days to come back."

On Spencer Havner (LB, #51):

"He got hit in the eye, he will be ok."

On practice being rescheduled:

"We can't afford to miss practice or cut practice short. By going at night we will have a better chance to get all of our work in and get out of the heat. Our night practices are always good for us, it gives us a chance to get all of our work in and we can go longer."

On the weather:

"Always starting in the heat is part of it, you have to work through it and it's part of a mental toughness thing. We want to be careful with the players, I think our group in general is in good shape. Certainly it is a test when you are out there in the heat."

On the offensive changes:

"It remains to be seen. Clinton Portis (RB, #26) has had four of the best years a running back can have. We are hoping that what we do here is to gradually improve and get better and better. We have done some good things here. Of course the better you pass the ball the better you run it, the better you run it the better you pass it, they go hand in hand."

On coaches in the heat:

"All of us were (running around). I get more worried about the coaches then the players."

On setting benchmark numbers for players:

"We have objectives for the offense and defense. We have a whole board of objectives with everything from turnovers and a lot of those things correlate. It's a field position game. Last year for example I think we were the best team in the NFL on short fields we got turnovers, we scored, we were number one in the league. We have all kinds of objectives, but things that can hurt you are penalties and turnovers. We have a whole list. On offense generally we go over 11 the day after the game and the defense has about 25."

On faith in Mark Brunell's (QB, #8) Redskins career:

"It was as much our team then anything else. A quarterback really reflects everything around him. Our offensive line wasn't really as set as it is now, we had injuries. Our receiving corps has obviously gone through a dramatic change. Knowing that you have to have all the parts and pieces for a quarterback to look good and I had a lot of confidence in him. Some things you get up here are a proven product, he is a proven product we know what kind of person he is, we've watched him play and felt like he still had the arm and the things it takes to get it done. All of those things led me to believe he still had a lot to give and live another day."

On the statements made by Mark Brunell (QB, #8) yesterday:

"I don't think he said that. Nobody's made any predictions around here about what we're going to do. What we he said was, we're really confident and anything less than that [Super Bowl] would obviously be a disappointment,' that's not saying we're going to do something. I don't think anybody here feels like we make predictions or anything else. We've got a lot to prove because we couldn't even win our division last year so we've got a lot in front of us. I don't think there's anybody on the football team or in the organization predicting anything. I'm always cautious on that and I just want to correct that. If you ask any player, I think they're optimistic and that's good because I think a bunch of them have been around-certainly Mark's been around-but we also know that a lot of things can happen to a football team. We've got an extremely tough schedule and a tough division."

On the talents of new additions Brandon Lloyd (WR, #85) and Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82):

"We thought in Brandon we got the classic outside receiver. He's 24-years old so he's very young and gifted, everybody in the league had respect for him-I know we had respect for him on defense so I think you got your classic outside receiver. I felt like signing both of them was smart because Randle El is a great punt returner and that could help our team immensely. I think also he can run with the football, he can throw it, today you saw him out there and he's extremely quick when he gets the ball in his hands, he's a great runner with it. He'll be the guy that probably plays a lot of slot stuff and inside receiver where I think Brandon's more the outside receiver. Even though their both receivers, they have different styles and abilities."

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