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Jojokian Shares Her MBA Story

Wow! Can't believe 2014 is over. Just finished another term at Kaplan University. The football season may have wound down, but between work, four Armed Forces Entertainment Tours overseas, another with NFL Mexico and a trip to Raleigh for the cheerleaders...then school and taking care of my family, the days and weeks continue to fly by.

Looking back, I'm really happy with what I have accomplished so far. Trust me, I had my doubts, but the more I do, the more confidence I gain. I think I really found my rhythm (LOL). And it's motivating to be able to apply what I learn to my job. I feel more creative and productive at work and our projects are more successful. Learning online works great for me and my schedule. It was definitely the right decision. Hey, have you seen my videos? If not, check them out here.

2015 is gonna be great!

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