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Kevin Durant Always Believed In The Redskins...And Definitely Knows Will Compton


It's been often, consistent and never wavering. Kevin Durant has supported the Redskins through and through this season, voicing his opinions about the team's progression and giving them more plugs on Twitter as they got hotter down the stretch of the season.

Saturday night's 38-24 victory over the Eagles, and the subsequent NFC East division championship, put Redskins fans into a great mood. For Durant, it was the culmination of his devotion, watching a team make good on a promise he made to ESPN.

"We're winning the division and we just have to keep it up," Durant told back in early December. "It's a down year for our division, but the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys could all pick it up the last few weeks of the season. We have to stick to this momentum and we'll be fine."

Well, they did. Durant expressed his opinion.

That prompted defensive back DeAngelo Hall to reach out to the NBA superstar to thank him for his support. Linebacker Will Compton, who enjoys mixing it up on Twitter, then interceded into the conversation.

Compton should clearly be well know at this point, even before acquiring his first sack of his career on Saturday. But sometimes, it's nice to known by the best.


Durant attended the Redskins-Giants game at MetLife Stadium early in the year, tossing around a football on the sidelines.

Dressed in his personalized No. 35 burgundy jersey and team beanie, Durant grew up in Washington, D.C., and credits his father for converting him to a Redskins fan. He attended last year's home opener at FedExField and traveled to Lambeau Field in 2013 when the Redskins visited the Packers.

"I came up for this one. The season's about to start. Always want to catch a Skins game, so I decided this is the best place to come to watch the game," Durant said at the time. ""And as much as I can, I try to watch the guys."

That was true just a week later when Durant stopped the Thunder's practice so he could check the score of the Redskins-Eagles game.

A couple weeks after that, he hopped onto Matthew Berry's podcast to talk fantasy football. Naturally, he discussed the Redskins, too.

"I love the direction we're going in," Durant said. "We're 2-3 now. I feel like we could easily be 4-1. That Giants game I think they just outplayed us. But a few of those losses we had could have easily turned the other way and won those games. Defense is playing well. Offensively we're starting to find our stride. We had a few guys injured, Jordan Reed being out kind of hurt us. But Kirk Cousins is finding his confidence and his niche in the offense. We're running the ball so I think we're moving in the right direction."

He then spoke on the dynamic between running backs Alfred Morris and Matt Jones, and how the team had been using them through five games into the season.

"I think they're both so good, man, that you can't just give one guy all the carries and expect another guy to be the backup," he said. "I think they're both so good you have to split those touches. Alfred has been a workhorse for us for a few years now and Matt Jones is coming into his own. We've got to utilize that as a team you've got to find who is the best player to put on the field and I think the coach is trying to find that.

"[Jones] has done a great job. Both of them have been playing well. I know Alfred probably wants a little more carries than he's been getting, but for the overall team I think our running game is pretty strong."

Which brings us back to more of his comments in early December.

"Kirk is gaining confidence, man," Durant said. "I'm a professional player, so when opportunity and confidence meet, that brings out a great player."

We all saw it Saturday night.




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