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Kickoff To The Season - Your New Health Season 


Via Deanna Robinson, Health and Fitness Expert and Holistic Nutritionist

As we get ready to kick off the Redskins season, our boys are in training camp preparing for an amazing season ahead! In the spirit of new beginnings, let's talk about some things that you should do before beginning a new workout routine.

1. Check your health. Consult your doctor and get a physical medical examination, especially if you're not used to strenuous physical activities, as well as individuals aged 45 and over. An exam can detect any health risks that you could possibly face during exercise.

2. Have a plan and set realistic goals. You may have heard the saying if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It's great to have pie-in-the-sky goals; however it's important not to overshoot reality. Setting too ambitious goals is only going to overwhelm and discourage you from continuing to work towards it when the road to the finish line becomes daunting day to day.

3. Get some new gear. Invest in a great supportive sports bra, comfy training shoes, and a cute new fit outfit. When you look good, you feel good! Many flagship sporting stores offer sports bra and shoe-fitting trials, analyses, and consultations to be sure you're in the right gear.

4. Prepare a good playlist. Research has consistently proved that music distracts people from pain and fatigue, elevates mood, increases endurance, reduces perceived effort and may even promote metabolic efficiency.

5. Don't overwork yourself too soon. Despite all those amazing classes with trainers yelling, "Go! Faster!" it's still important to remember to go slow when you're starting out and gradually step it up as you progress.

6. Begin hydrating well. Gradually start consuming more water until you have reached the optimal amount of half your body weight in ounces of water each day.

7. Find your "why?" Motivation has its good and bad days. They key is to keep putting one foot in front of the other even when you don't feel like it. Remember it's a lifestyle not a momentary fad, and remembering your "why?" can be great motivation just when you need it.

8. Start practicing positive self-talk. Begin speaking words of encouragement and endearment over your body, your mind and your life. Words have power, and if we focus on reinforcing those positive qualities we can talk ourselves into meeting all our goals!

9. Get some help. Have no idea where to start, or would just like some expert advice? You could get help from your doctor, a physiotherapist, a licensed personal trainer or an accredited exercise scientist or exercise physiologist.

10. Choose something enjoyable. If you choose an exercise type that you enjoy, you're more likely to stick to it. The adrenaline and sense of accomplishment from doing an activity you enjoy may be just the motivation you need to be consistently on your way to meeting your goals.

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