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Kirk Cousins Lends His Voice To Sportscenter

Listen, quarterback Kirk Cousins has a nice voice. He sang in choir in high school and was probably a pretty good singer with whatever group he was involved in.

On Sportscenter Thursday night, Cousins was asked to sing a few bars of a song after admitting that singing was one of his hidden talents. These kinds of on-the-spot questions usually are never beneficial to the person supposed to answer them.

But Cousins obliged Lindsay Czarniak and he gave it his best.

It's an awkward setting. You have no background music, nobody else to sing it with. Plus, you know whatever you're going to sing is headed straight to millions of viewers.

But Cousins sucked it up and he smiled and he sang "My Girl" and maybe it comes off a little sheepish but he did it. Props.

Here's the full interview, so you can put it into context.

So, Newton can dance and Cousins (although earlier in the interview admitted he may have to try something if he scores) can sing. But Sunday they will play football.

And we all like that.




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