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Kirk Cousins Still Plans To Drive His Conversion Van To Work

First road trip in the conversion van! Looking forward to the start of a new football season as we drive to Virginia! — Julie Cousins (@juliehcousins) July 21, 2014

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Last year, quarterback Kirk Cousins turned his grandparent's conversion van into a viral story when he decided to start driving it to practice and games.

At that point last year, Cousins had another car to drive at the time, so the van, a vehicle he wanted to simply take off his grandma's hands after his grandpa passed away, became his third vehicle, good for road trips and journeys to FedExField.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch caught up with Cousins after practice Friday, and let's just say he's keeping the tradition alive.

"Actually, right now, that's my only car, is my conversion van. My wife's got a car but I drive the conversion van," Cousins said. "I bought it from my grandma when she didn't need it anymore and that's what I use to get around. I'm trying to figure out if I need to buy another car or if the conversion van is going to be good enough."

"Good enough" is a term loosely defined. If we're talking reliable, maybe it's time for an upgrade. The last think Cousins wants is to get stuck on the beltway on gameday. But then again, a standard sedan doesn't have that charm and seat capacity the conversion has.

"It's pretty roomy," he said. "And when people come to town they have an easy ride to the stadium because of all the space. So it's pretty practical, but just going to Redskins Park and back I get a little joking from the guys. It can be hard to park."




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