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Kyle: Griffin III 'Getting Better Every Day'


A day after Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III returned to 11-on-11 action at training camp, he turned in a nearly flawless performance under an increased workload.

Griffin III took 19 snaps with the first-team offense, throwing 14 passes with five handoffs. He completed 13 of those passes to Aldrick Robinson, Pierre Garcon, Fred Davis and Joshua Morgan, and did not miss a target until his final sideline pass to Garcon sailed wide.

While Griffin III has yet to address the media since his return, his teammates are excited to have him back in the mix.

According to his batterymate, center Will Montgomery, the offense has been able to pick up right where it left off last year.

"It was great. He has that confidence. It's like he never even left," he said after practice. "It's all smiles out there. He's got a great personality, and he energizes all of us. We know he can make plays with his feet and his arm.

"They are taking it slow, but we love having him in there."

Third-year tight end Niles Paul caught several Griffin III passes yesterday and noted how seemlessly Robert assumed control of the huddle.

"We didn't miss a beat. It's always great having Robert Griffin back in the huddle with us. He's excited to be back out there," Paul said. "Robert is just a character in himself. His swagger in the huddle is a lot different than Kirk and Rex. They both do a great job of taking control of the huddle, but with Robert, it's a different vibe.

"He's looked fine to me since week three out of his surgery, even walking in the weight room and doing work on his knee. He has fresh legs and he's going out there hard. It's impressive."

Even in Day 22 of training camp, the offense enjoyed an influx of enthusiasm with No. 10 back on the field, making even the fastest players just a little bit faster.

"There's more energy. It got guys getting up and watching him out there running around well," noted Aldrick Robinson. "He's our leader, and he looked pretty good."

The coaching staff agreed with Robinson's assessment, with offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan noting that the entire offensive unit looked better today.

"I think it was a better practice all around, for everybody, first of all," Shanahan said. "It just seemed crisper and I thought [Griffin III] did a better job. I'll look at film when I get up, but it just seemed better."

Moving forward, Robert Griffin III will continue to make progress toward Week 1 outside of the public eye. The final practice open to the public will take place at 10:35 a.m. on Friday morning, after which the team will return to the privacy of Redskins Park.

Kyle Shanahan said Griffin III has made impressive progress and will continue to be reintegrated into the offense using the timeline set out by the Redskins training staff and coaches.

"It's just a process of getting back. Robert works as hard as you can work. You can't work harder than that," Shanahan said. "He's done his rehab the right way and that's why he's been able to come back so much earlier than expected.

"Now it's just the grind of getting back, getting the rust off and getting him as many reps as possible without jeopardizing anything and he's doing that. He's gotten better each day.

"Yesterday was his first day of team reps, today was his second, and I thought today was a lot better than yesterday. He's getting his health back, and now it's just about getting the rust [off]. It's just about getting those reps so he physically can adjust to what I think his brain sees and seeing things a little bit better.

"I see [his knee] getting better and I think it will get better each week. Hopefully we will get him ready for that first week."




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