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Lou's View: A Redskins Ode to Christmas


'Twas the week before Christmas and it started with the team giving Dallas a gift,

Why that productivity against the Giants wasn't there against the Bills still has me miffed.

Rex is still Rex and he's been like that for quite a while,

But I'm more intrigued with the recent imaginative play-calling of Shanahan … first name Kyle.

A 5-9 season is far from what one would ask,

But on a different note, you really can't complain about this year's draft class.

Kerrigan, Helu, Hankerson, Gomes and others have all shown they will be fine,

And you have to be excited to see what Jarvis Jenkins will do next season on the defensive line.

The biggest amazement to me is the iron-man play of the tackling machine whose number is 59,

If London Fletcher is not named a Pro Bowl starter this year, then it clearly is a crime.

I realize that with every victory, the chances of getting a hot-shot quarterback in next year's draft is bleak,

But with young guys playing for jobs and veterans knowing each game could be their last ... winning is what this current group should seek.

The play this year has been erratic and emotions have been all over the map,

But it can't be understated that once again this team has all its picks and has successfully managed the cap.

So look for more roster tweaking as the front office evaluates players and hopefully themselves,

In a rhyme, why don't you share what you want to see in 2012?

Lou Holder is a long-time sports broadcaster in the Washington, D.C. region. He hosts "Redskins GameTime Live Presented by Verizon" for and the Redskins Broadcast Network.

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