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Manley: 'I'm Gonna Beat This'

The words came slowly, but clearly, on Monday afternoon. "I'm gonna beat this," Dexter Manley said from his bed at Georgetown University Hospital. "I don't know how, but I'm gonna come through."

A positive outlook and an optimistic temperament are two of the attributes Dexter Manley is depending upon in order to take on his most recent challenge.

Manley, 47, underwent an 11-hour operation last Wednesday at Georgetown University Hospital during which doctors removed a cyst from his brain.

Five days after the surgery, Manley was feeling discomfort but at the same time he was keeping an upbeat approach and looking ahead to his recovery process.

Team owner Daniel M. Snyder was among the many in the Redskins organization to express heart-felt concern over Manley in his most recent struggle.

Said Snyder: "Our thoughts are with Dexter and his family. We expect him to attack recovery the same way he played football, full throttle."

Redskins fans who wish to send Manley a get well card can do so at the following address:

"Get Well,"
attn: Dexter Manley
P.O. Box 25049
Washington, DC 20027.

To send him an e-mail, the address is:

"I'm not doing very well today, but I'm confident that I'll be able to make it through," Manley said Monday afternoon. "This is as tough as anything I've faced; it's right there at the top of the list. I just don't want to die."

Lydia Manley said her husband has experienced good moments along with some very difficult once since last Wednesday, when he had his surgery at Georgetown University Hospital.

The Manley family was not sure, as of Monday afternoon, when Dexter would be able to leave the hospital. But there was hope that such a development would be able to take place in a matter of days.

The cyst first appeared all the way back in 1986 but at that time Manley was told he could put off a surgical procedure.

Ten days ago--Friday, June 16--Manley became disoriented as he was driving his car in the District. He hailed a police officer, who took him to Georgetown University Hospital.

Manley has a long and well documented history of experiencing problems related to drug abuse. Those closest to the former Redskins defensive end say his most recent problems do not stem from his difficulties of the past.

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