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Mike Shanahan Full Transcript: 09/26

*On Thrusday, Sept. 26, 2013, Redskins HC Mike Shanahan addressed the media following afternoon practice at Redskins Park in Ashburn, VA. *

. On the team's injury report:
"[Listed] as did not practice was [kicker] Kai Forbath, [linebacker] Brandon Jenkins, [cornerback] Jerome Murphy and [tight end] Jordan Reed. Murphy was non-football, a family member passed away. Jordan's thigh. Of course, Brandon is the ankle and Kai is the groin. [Tight end] Fred Davis, again, was limited with his ankle. Full practice was [wide receiver Leonard] Hankerson, [linebacker Ryan] Kerrigan, and [safety Brandon] Meriweather."
On how injuries to the tight ends change the game plan:
"You always have to be ready for people going down, but Fred did get some practice in, which was good. Jordan still has a chance so we'll kind of wait for game day and keep our fingers crossed that we have as many people healthy as we possibly can."
On how to make adjustments defensively during the game to keep ahead of opposing offenses:
"That's what game plans are. That's what you try to do. That's what football is all about. Hopefully we can do that."
On if Brandon Jenkins' ankle has gotten worse:
On how to balance his expectations for the defense against the public's expectations:
"The key is not the yards, it's the touchdowns, it's the points. You've seen a lot of teams in the past give up a lot of yards but not necessarily the points. You can give up field goals. You can't give up touchdowns. If you have a defense that is stopping the run consistently and putting them in situations where they have to pass, then you have the opportunity for turnovers and obviously not scoring once they get in the red zone. We did a little better against Detroit, but not good enough."
On safety Brandon Meriweather's shoulder injury:
"It's just bothering him, but he's practiced full this whole week, so he's in good shape. That happened on game day."
On tight end Niles Paul's development:
"Like I shared with you before, I think we have some depth at that position. It's one of the positions we have more depth than most people, so it's always nice to have four guys that can play. Right now we're at two guys that are healthy and two guys that are a little banged up. I think both of them have got a chance to play but you don't know until game day, but we'll know a little more after tomorrow's practice."
On if he would consider having kicker Kai Forbath handle field goals while kicker John Potter handles kickoffs:
"Well, if he [Forbath] goes out there to be able to kick a field goal, the chances are he'll be able to kick off too because it's the same motion. You're not different on the field goals, you try not to be. You want to be consistent with your punch, your follow-through. So I think if Kai does kick field goals, he'll kick kickoffs as well."
On if he plans on having Forbath kick in practice on Friday:
"No. I told him he can kick tomorrow or Saturday, whichever one he feels, and we'll get a chance to evaluate him then."
On what the addition of Jordan Reed has meant for the growth of Niles Paul:
"Well, any time you have depth that's what you are hoping that you have. Not only that, but Niles can play the fullback position as well as the tight end position as well as the H-back position, and he can help us on special teams. I don't know if it hinders somebody's growth, you just have more football players on your team and that's what you want for situations like this when people are hurt, it gives another person an opportunity to go out there and play."
On if he has always left on Fridays for cross-country games:
"When I was on the West Coast, we always went out on Friday. The first time on the East Coast we went out and played Seattle in Seattle and we took off on a Friday and that worked for us. So, hopefully this one will work for us."
On his philosophy about leaving for long road trips:*
"I think any time you have a three-hour time change, I think it's always good to go out on a Friday either way. That's been my philosophy. Now, when I was in Denver, for a two-hour time change, I didn't feel the need to go a day early."


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