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Mike Shanahan Post-Game Press Conference

On the Redskins defense versus Peyton Manning in Sunday's 27-24 loss to the Colts:"Well, we had a few turnovers. I believe one on special teams and we had a chance for a couple of more. We had some opportunities in there. I thought offensively we had some opportunities as well to put the game away a couple times, yet we couldn't get them and we let them go. We got to really work together as a team. We played a good football team. A guy like Peyton Manning, who is going to make some plays on you, we just needed to try to keep him out of the end zone and try to get some turnovers. We got a number of turnovers today but we weren't able to capitalize on them."

On if he prepared for the Colts hurry- up offense:"You always prepare for hurry-up [offense] with Peyton. He has been doing it for a lot of years and you never know for sure exactly what their game plan is going to be."

On the Redskins' successful run game:"Well, you got to make a decision. You either got to take away the run or take away the pass and sometimes you got to give up some yards in the game to capitalize on the pass and keep them out of the end zone. We had opportunities today, like I said, to get a few turnovers early and that made a difference in the game. But, we need to capitalize on those."

On the last two series of the game and going 0-4 on the last series:"I think you explained it and that is what we got to work on. Any time you got opportunity to put the game away and you got the ball at the last drive of the game you want to be able to capitalize on that and we just couldn't get it done."

On the deep passing game:"Well, first of all, when you take a look at Indy you are not going to get big plays on them. If you do it's quite unusual. You got to execute your offense. You can't have penalties and you have to take the shorter routes. They don't give you very many big plays and if they do it is quite unusual. So it's a bend but don't break defense. They have been very consistent with it and they try not to give up the big play. We got a lot of big plays throughout the year and we knew that this was going to be a game that we had to really out- execute them and we didn't do as good as we should have."

On tight end Chris Cooley's concussion:"I just know it was a concussion and he could not go back in. I knew just looking at him you could tell that there was something wrong. I really don't know when it was I just looked at him on the sideline and could tell that there was something wrong."

On defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth:"I just thought six or seven days without working out and coming in after the game plan has already been implemented, it was just a combination of both of those two things."

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