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Moss: 'This Offense Won't Quit'

Santana Moss discusses the Monday night win over the Dallas Cowboys and the Redskins' first two games of the season in an interview with

Q: When did you know that your speed could elevate you to one of the top receivers in the league?

A: "I have some wheels on me, but I'm not one of those guys that you can just put on a track and I'll beat everyone. When it comes to football speed and using speed well on the football field, I think I am better known for doing it that way. I used to beat people [in races]. I can't say I [used to] beat everyone, but I beat a few [people when I was younger]. I'm not known to be slow, but I know I'm not the outright fastest guy in this league."

Q: Do you think your track background helps you as a football player?

A: "I'm pretty sure it does, [particularly] just knowing how to run, how to maintain speed, and when you get the ball in your hands, how to run with it. All of that comes into play."

Q: In Monday night's game, did you ask for the ball again after the first touchdown against the Cowboys:

A: "No, I just wanted the coaches coming up to me saying, 'We might give you another chance.' Pretty much every time I do something in a game, regardless of whether it's a big or small play, I always tell myself, 'Don't let that satisfy you.' I tell myself, 'Just get ready. You can't be satisfied with that. We're still losing. You have to leave it all out on the field.' Who knew it was going to happen like that? I just know that I was ready for it."

Q: When you turn to see a long pass in the air, can you sense right away whether it's catchable?

A: "Mostly, you have to wait until you get [the ball]. We've all seen guys who think they have it, but don't have it. My main emphasis is catching the ball. Once you do that, the easy part is running. I already know how do that. I just have to make sure I get in the end zone."

Q: Do you feel like there's a chemistry forming between yourself and Mark Brunell?

A: "We work with all of the quarterbacks, so we're pretty sure that they all can get the ball to us. It's just about going out there and playing with them. We knew that it was going to be a little different playing with him the whole game, but not that different. The difference is that we have a guy who is going to take a couple more chances with his feet when he doesn't see anything [downfield]. He's going to run a little bit more. That was a plus for us. That was the only difference I saw coming into the game. When it came to playing with him, we practice with him every day, so just knowing that he can throw the ball, that's all we need to know. We have to go out there and play for him."

Q: Do you feel like your Redskins career could have started any better?

A: "It's a good start. I never pat myself on the back. We know that there is a lot of room for improvement. [Otherwise], you're never going to accomplish anything. I've made a lot of big strides in my career, in everything I've done as a man and athlete, but I just want to make sure that I'm always aware that there is more room for improvement."

Q: Do the circumstances surrounding your departure from the Jets motivate you?

A: "People keep asking me that. They act like New York gave up on me. They didn't give up on me. I understand that. I left New York knowing that I gave it my all. True, I didn't have the season [in 2004] that I wanted, but if you go back and look at what I did last year, there was no doubt in my mind that I was a playmaker and did things to help that team win. I didn't leave New York [because] they just said, 'We're tired of this guy.' You know the reason. I know the reason. When it comes to the business part of the game, that's what happens. It was a business move. My agent saw that I could be compensated [better] at the time and [the Jets] saw that, too, so they gave me a decision. It's a fresh start."

Q: Based on the struggles of the offense last year, did you ever question whether this team could throw deep?

A: "No, just listening to the coaches, [I knew that] they wanted [to throw deep]. In my career, I've had a high percentage of those plays. Just knowing that is what they wanted and that I can do it and be part of the answer, I said, 'This is where I want to be.' I want to be somewhere where they want to throw the ball, where a guy is going to be appreciated for what he does. I'm not saying that I wasn't appreciated in New York, it's just a different scheme [here]. When you look at that as a receiver, all you can take out of it is, 'They are going to give me a chance to make plays.' I have to be ready to for them. I think every receiver on this team is pretty much ready for that opportunity."

Q: In your career, have you ever contributed in the clutch to the extent that you did against Dallas:

A: "Never. I won a game before in the last minute of the game, in New York in 2003, with one touchdown. [But] I've never had anything like this. Even when you say you work hard for [such a performance], you can never imagine it turning out like this. There's nothing I can tell you I went out and did last week to make me have that game. It all comes from being sure of yourself as a player and knowing that you're giving your all on every play and not quitting. I think that game is more of a sign of an offense and defense just not quitting. I was lucky that they got the ball to me and I made that play."

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