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News & Notes: Davis Puts Fumbles In the Past


Fred Davis didn't even want to say the word.

Maybe that way his two "fumbles" in Thursday's 23-0 loss to the Baltimore Ravens would not develop into a bad habit.

Following Saturday morning's practice at Redskins Park, Davis found himself surrounded by media and the topic of his two fumbles came up.

"There are a few things that people are noticing, I need to fix that," Davis said.

Both fumbles came on the same drive late in the second quarter.

The first was after a 13-yard catch to the Ravens' 34-yard line. Ravens linebacker Prescott Burgess forced a fumble, but Davis was able to pounce on the ball for the recovery.

Two plays and a delay of game penalty later, Davis caught a short pass over the middle for a 6-yard gain. As he was tackled, safety Tom Zbikowski poked the ball loose and recovered the ball amid a host of Ravens defenders.

It seemed all that Davis had done in the game--the pass blocking, the route-running, even the special teams tackle--was forgotten afterwards.

Just the fumbles.

"Going against another team, you have to be prepared for everything, and I know what I need to do," the second-year tight end said. "I know what I need to do technique-wise and still play fast like I have been."

By all accounts, Davis had been having a solid training camp up until the Ravens game.

He had been rehabbing a shoulder injury, but it was not considered serious.

"I think the fumbles were uncharacteristic of him," Jim Zorn said. "I think it was a first game type of situation for him. Coming into this camp, he knew he was a better player than he was last year.

"The other thing he knew in this camp is that we were throwing him the football. The thing that he was excited about was that we continued to do that in the game.

"Now, I think he realizes that full speed in an NFL game is different than full speed in practice. Put the ball away, make sure it's secure--that was a learning lesson for him."


Lorenzo Alexander was diagnosed with an oblique injury following Thursday night's game against the Ravens.

On Friday, Jim Zorn said that Alexander was "hurting more than anyone else" after the game.

On Saturday, Alexander was back out on the practice fields, participating in a limited role.

"I'm a quick healer and I should be back out here full-go in no time," Alexander said.

Mike Williams has been battling an abdominal injury, but he participated in practice.

The only two players who did not practice on Saturday were Anthony Alridge (sprained toe) and Scott Burley (knee).

Robert Henson was not at practice due to the birth of his baby daughter Mackenzie on Friday night.

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