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PHOTO: Anyone For Some Redskins Foosball?

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There are foosball tables, and then there is this foosball table.

If you still have Women's World Cup fever and are looking forward to seeing Chelsea and Barcelona play at FedExField on July 28 (tickets still available), maybe think about channeling your spirit into a Redskins foosball table like this.

It may be a tad counterintuitive. How could you play a trivialized game of soccer on a football field, especially one nicely painted up like this one?

Well, just consider it a noble sacrifice. Football season will come soon enough -- and they haven't quite perfected a game that resembles football in peg and ball form.

Plus, that wood paneling could fit in nicely with the room and go great with a furnished basement.

And hey, you can't score a goal on this table without getting the ball into the end zone.




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