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PHOTO: The Most Redskins Bumper Stickers On One Car

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"Betcha can't eat just one" is the Lay's potato chip ad campaign slogan.

I'd have to imagine the owner of this silver car approaches Redskins bumpers stickers in quite the same way.

To be fair, this car looks beat up enough where the stickers actually make it worth looking at. The stickers give it some character. The stickers are a way of life.

It seems as though the driver has only just begun the mission to completely plaster the car with Redskins logos.

The back is practically finished (I counted more than 50 stickers) so the next logical step is migrating to the sides of the car.

The only downside? Only a diehard Redskins fan AND someone who doesn't care about shiny exteriors would consider buying that at the used-car lot.




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