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Preston Smith Shares A Very 'Mom' Text Conversation

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Gotta love moms.

After seeing her son play in his first professional football game, Preston Smith's mother wanted to check in with him shortly after, naturally.

His lack of response indicated he probably was indeed busy. So to fill the time, and maybe to spark a response from her son, "Mama" texted him a picture of himself during the Cleveland game with the silly comment, "Cute butt."

"It's always that one person who does it and this time it was my mother," Smith captioned.

Embarassing? Sure. Instagram worthy? Depends on your comedic sensibilities.

Smith has unfortunately hidden his response but it was probably a combination of an emoji with tears running and an eye roll. How do you respond to soemthing like that, anyways?

At least we know Preston, and especially his mother, has a sense of humor about it.




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