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Quotes: Jay Gruden 10-1-18

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On T Trent Williams:

"He had a surgery and everything went well, so we'll keep monitoring him on a daily basis."

On if Williams will practice this week:

"I don't know yet. We'll see how he's feeling Wednesday when we get back here and go from there. But, I'd imagine he'd be down Wednesday and hopefully we get him up Thursday, Friday."

On handling the bye week during his tenure as head coach:

"Well, I think it's more important to focus on what we've been doing – had some success with some of our problem areas, getting them fixed, but continuing to coach our guys up and get them where they are supposed to be. I think that's just continue to work through our system both offensively and defensively and special teams, put the players in the best spots possible and study what we're doing and make sure we're branching off and getting better."

On handling the bye week from experience:

"You know what, it's just mainly the guys have four or five days off, so it's nothing you can do about that. The big thing is getting them back here, getting them focused as fast as possible. You know, we have a Monday night game so we have a bonus day, which is good. You know that's actually a benefit for us to get these guys back in here, get a little work today, get them sweating and then tomorrow get them off and then really have an extra day to prepare for New Orleans. I think the big thing is getting them mentally and physically ready to play for a very good New Orleans team on the road."

On if he remembers the last time in his career he had such an early bye week:

"I don't remember yesterday hardly, so no I don't remember. It is early. It's just the schedule-makers. We have to deal with it. It came at a good time for some guys and probably not a good time for other guys. That's probably the way it would be Week 8, 7 or 6 if we had it."

On the pros and cons of having an early bye week:

"I don't really have any pros and cons. I think it's just important for us to get everybody back here – whenever the bye week is – get them back here, get the guys physically and mentally ready to play. That sometimes is a tough challenge. You know, the guys have been out of the office for four or five days. We have to make sure we get their minds back into Redskins football. Make sure they're studying their playbook and haven't forgotten anything, just refresh their memory today and tomorrow and Wednesday when they get back here, we'll start preparing for the Saints."

On continuing the momentum they had after beating the Green Bay Packers:

"I think playing on Monday Night Football helps a lot. I think you should be pumped up to come out of the tunnel against the Saints on Monday night. They're 3-1 and obviously led by a Hall of Fame quarterback again. It's going to be a very exciting time for everybody. These young guys are going to have to step it up and the veteran guys are going to have to lead the way. But, should not have any problem whatsoever motivating the cats for Monday Night Football."

On handling three consecutive months of football:

"Yeah, that's the grind. That's going to be the biggest challenge, you know, 13 straight weeks of nonstop football. We have short weeks in there. Sometimes a couple Thursday games I believe. That's going to be tough keeping these guys healthy and ready. If I have to taper off practice from time to time, I will. But, the big thing is they have to handle the grind. They're pro football players. They should be able too"

On if there was anything he learned from last year's early bye week that helped to prepare for this year:

"I think the big thing is how the guys are feeling. How we handle the 13 straight weeks of games. You know, I think that will be on a weekly basis – the schedule change from week-to- week depending on who's up and who's down, if it's a Monday to a Sunday game, what have you. We'll adjust our schedule according to how we're feeling physically and mentally."

On monitoring WR Paul Richardson Jr. with his injury:

"It's going to be important for him to find a day that he can practice and get some work with Alex [Smith] because he's a special kind of guy as far as he's a different type of receiver with the speed that he has. It's going to be important for him to figure out a way to get into practice a day or two a week and go from there. I think a lot will depend on how he's feeling and we'll get with the trainers when the time's right and go there."

On how he is scheduling out the week with the added bonus day:

"Today was just a bonus day; we just did us against us. We just got them back into the football mind, breaking the huddle, did some situational work. Tomorrow they are off and then Wednesday we will introduce them to New Orleans. We'll go with a base game plan, sub-game plan and obviously we will move on to the red zone later in the week and short yardage and goal line like we always do, but we do have a bonus day, so we can shorten up practices a little bit and spread it out and just really focus in on situational work this week."

On last year's game against New Orleans Saints:

"I think it was a pretty solid game for what it was at 55 minutes probably on both sides of the ball. On the road, it was a tough environment, but offense, defense, special teams played well. Then the last five minutes, we failed to get a first down and they scored two touchdowns and 15 points in five minutes. Obviously that will be addressed again. We will work on our two-minute coverages and our communication and our techniques and our fundamentals which is huge against a team led by Drew Brees. He'll find a mistake and make you pay, so we've got to try to give him as little mistakes as possible and continue to get the pass rush on every down, and know where [Alvin] Kamara is, know where [Michael] Thomas is and go from there."

On if there is concern with the running game after multiple injuries to the offensive line:

"Yeah we are a little bit concerned, but not yet. I think we feel pretty good about our health right now up front. I think later in the week we will have a better indication on who's up and who's ready to go, but you know backups can step in and play. Ty Nsekhe came in and played pretty well last week against Green Bay, and [Tony] Bergstrom can step up and play well if [Shawn] Lauvao can't go again. We have some guys in here, in-house, that are ready to play if guys are injured. That's the way it is in pro football and we can't lose a step because somebody goes down. We have to fill in and produce."

On the status of OL Shawn Lauvao, RB Adrian Peterson and CB Josh Norman:

"Yeah we will see when we get back. Injury report will come out Thursday, but we're just going to take these guys on a daily basis and see where they are at. Come Wednesday, Thursday, we'll let you know then."

On the upcoming six week stretch against the NFC:

"I think as cliché as it sounds, the only way you can handle pro football is one game at a time. Each game is a different problem and different set of issues that you have to work with, work through. This one is going to be on the road against New Orleans, led by Drew Brees and a very good defense. [Marshon] Lattimore is a heck of cover guy. They have some good players on defense also that can give you fits. So, I think each week you have to take it for its own entity, each play, each quarter, then move on to the next one when the time is right. We will worry about Cam Newton or whoever we play after that."

On the value of an NFC game versus AFC games:

"Division games are the most important obviously and then common opponents. I think the value of each game is very important. We learned that against Indianapolis. Indianapolis is a good football team, they've been in all four of their games, but we didn't play our best game unfortunately. Each game counts for one, and at the end of the day, 9-7, 10-6, 11-5, all those things count and they add up and they are important to playoff berths, wild cards, home field advantage, all of it."

On if RB Chris Thompson practiced today:

"No, he didn't, just a veteran day."