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Quotes: Jay Gruden 8-12-2018

On if there is confirmation on WR Robert Davis missing the season due to injury:

"Yes, he is out for the year unfortunately. He went up for the ball yesterday and he and Danny [Johnson], landed or he landed awkwardly on his knee and has to have surgery."

On the details of Davis' injury:

"I just know its season ending. You know, it will be a major surgery; it's a nine to 12-month rehab process, PCL I believe and some other damage. So, Robert's in our prayers but he will recover quickly. He's a good, strong, young guy and we'll take care of him."

On the depth at the wide receiver position:

"Same, you know, they're all in competition, Cam [Sims], Simmie [Cobbs, Jr], Kidsy [Darvin], all these guys have come in here and worked hard to try to make this football team, make a positive impression. That's why these days are very important right here these next two days against the [New York] Jets – three days. We still got some time to look at these guys and a great opportunity for all of them."

On the practice plan for starters this week during the joint practices:

"We have it all scripted out as far as how many reps they're going to get, they'll get quite a few. We have, like I said, some nine-on-seven drills, we have some first-and-10 drills, some team drills, seven-on-seven, so we got it all covered, they'll get plenty of reps."

On if joint practices will consist of full contact drills:

"Most of it will be thud, I'm going to talk to Coach [Todd] Bowles here in a minute about maybe later on in practice maybe doing a little live work, but we'll see. They're banged up I know, as we are a little bit, so it could be not as much as we had hoped originally."

On the difference having QB Alex Smith and a quarterback competition similar to the New York Jets:

"It changes considerably, I mean you know fortunately when I was in Cincinnati [Bengals] we had Andy Dalton [Bengals QB] his first year, but he took all the reps. They're in competition, they have three very good quarterbacks they're trying to find out. So, it's probably difficult for them to get them all equal reps and see what they can do. With Alex and Colt [McCoy], you know it's pretty clear cut who's getting one reps and who's getting the two reps and all that. So, we have a pretty good plan and the big thing is making sure we give Alex enough looks where he feels comfortable going into Week One, whether it's out in practice whether it's a couple preseason games. Whatever that is, we'll decide. But give him the looks, make him comfortable in the offense what we're going to call the first week of the season is most important to me."

On RB Kapri Bibbs and RB Byron Marshall:

"They've been good. You know Kapri missed a couple days he was dinged up a little bit but Byron [Marshall] has been excellent, you know he's taking on that third-down back role but he's also stout enough to handle some of the first and second down stuff too, I've been impressed. He had a couple great plays and pass protection in the game against New England [Patriots]. Out of the back field you see what he can do, catching the ball he's a return guy; he's strong. Kapri, he had some flashes last year out of the back field catching the ball and running the ball so both of those guys, I think have a lot of positive qualities as far as not only as being a third down back but first and second down back they're both big enough."

On if the rash of injuries during the past week affects the team mentally:

"Doesn't weigh on a healthy guy it weighs on me a little bit sometimes, you know, I feel like I'm doing something wrong. You know, but it's just unfortunate and they're all offensive players too, which bothers me, and they're all great kids. You hate to see anybody get hurt this time of year when you're trying to limit the contact and guys are still going down in a non-contact drill. It's frustrating. Obviously Derrius [Guice] went down in the preseason game, but you know it's just - it is what it is. It's just pro football, we do the best we can in the training room and in the weight room and at a practice take care of these guys. But this is a tough game. Your legs and body gets in contorted angles sometimes and they happen."

On WR Maurice Harris and WR Cam Sims showing signs that they can contribute to the offense:

"Yeah, it's great especially for [Cam] Sims who just got here. You know, he's learning. As a rookie free agent-college free agent, reps and team drills are limited. So you have to really focus in on the meetings to make sure when you do get a rep, you know exactly what you are doing. [Wide Receivers Coach] Ike's [Hilliard] done an excellent job with those young guys. Mo [Maurice Harris] has been here, so he's one of our smartest players. He can line up at all three spots. That's why he's so valuable to us, and he's a great blocker. You saw him in the game against New England [Patriots]. He fit up on safeties. He does some great things, obviously, as a receiver. So, Mo's a great all-around receiver for us and we have confidence he can line up anywhere. These young guys, you know, they're going to get great work the next two, three weeks."

*On previously injured players seeing action during joint practices: *

"Yeah, I hope so. You know, a lot of those guys are individual pitch count. You know, Trent [Williams] might be different than Jordan [Reed] and Morgan [Moses] and obviously Daron Payne. So, we're monitoring each and every one of those guys individually. So, it's good to get them some work. Daron looked excellent yesterday. Trent did some great things. It's just a matter once they put that day's work in, how they feel afterwards and what kind of treatment they get. Then the next morning, what they're like. So, we just monitor them on a daily basis, and that'll depend on after individual how they are feeling. We'll talk to the trainers and make our decisions then."

On if any key players will sit out during joint practices against the New York Jets:

"Probably Shaun Dion [Hamilton] might sit out today. Other than that you know we'll wait and see once we get out there. We got a lot of guys doing individual drills, see how they feel and we'll go from there."

On what the team can accomplish by participating in joint practices:

"I think when you go against the same guy over and over. I think you can run into some monotony there. Now you're going against Leonard Williams if you're an offensive lineman and as a defensive lineman you're going against Spencer Long or whoever it is on their side of the ball, as a receiver you're going against different guys and it's just a great challenge for you to go against different people. And make sure your fundamentals are sound and understand that different people have different tendencies and all that good stuff and different techniques. By a defense we'll see what Coach Bowles is coaching their guys and how we attack their coverages, so I think all around it's just good. You just gotta make sure we stay up and do things right and then work on our X's and O's offensively and defensively."

On trying to limit injuries:

"All the ones we've had we just have to accept, you know Derrius [Guice] was just running and his leg got stuck in the turf wrong and Rob [Robert Davis] went up and landed funny on his heel and just you know so happens it just the way it is. You know, I think there's a fine line we still have to practice football we still have to get these guys ready to play a game. So you know just trying to do the best we can to stay up. Coach great fundamentals, make sure they get good treatment, hydrate all that good stuff and hope for the best."

On LB Josh Harvey-Clemons and the linebacker position:

"He's another one, he will be out today. Yeah we have some, Zach [Brown], [Martrell] Spaight, [Zach] Vigil, obviously [Mason] Foster so we're okay there. You know we added [Jeff] Knox just the other day so, we have some guys that are going there and compete. You know a lot of it - our starting two backers are Zach and Mason, after that I think a lot will depend on special teams and who plays the best."