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Quotes: Jay Gruden 8-13-2018

On the fighting between Washington Redskins and New York Jets during joint practice:

"Yeah, it's unfortunate. We got a lot of good work done throughout the course of the day and sometimes that gets overshadowed by an unfortunate incident. It's behind us now, we're going to move forward today and get a lot of good work done."

On if he is considering suspending players for fighting during joint practice:

"Yeah, we could consider doing that. It's been addressed and we talked about it last night. We'll talk about it a little bit out there and we'll have a short, quick, fast whistle if something happens, get everything under control. But, the most important thing is for us, myself and Coach [Todd] Bowles (New York Jets Head Coach) is to get good work done. Like I said, there [were] a lot of great things on tape that we can learn from—seven-on-seven, nine-on-seven, team, special cat, one-on-one's, stunts. I mean we had a lot of good work done, so we intend to do that today."

On him escorting T Morgan Moses off of the field:

"Morgan was a little hot. He was a little heated and wanted to get him calm down a little bit. He took a shot on the sideline and he's got a couple of bad ankles and he took offense to it. I didn't think he was going to get much work done that day so we just wanted to get him in here cooled down and get his ankles looked at."

On if he has injuries to report:

"Not really just some of the same guys. Bumps and bruises here and there. Couple guys won't practice. We'll see how they do in individual. Probably Ty Nsekhe will be down. You know, Josh Harvey-Clemons is still down. Tyler Catalina is still down and we'll see how it goes with the other guys. Morgan's gonna try and go, yes."

On fights being predictable and changing the level of productivity:

"I don't think they happen all the time, I just think they get blown up when they do happen so it seems like they happen all the time. Just have happened to us the last couple of times unfortunately and you know that's on me. You know, I gotta do a better job of making them understand the importance of practice and getting work done and not fighting. One guy gets in a fight, we just gotta do a good job of letting the referees handle it, let the coaches handle it and everybody else stay back. If that happens in a game, there's multiple ejections and penalties that will cost our football team and that's the most important thing we gotta make sure we get across. Today is a new day, we intend on getting a lot of good work done."

On if late hits that ignited the fights change his message to the players:

"We have a close-knit group and they're very protective over one another. So with that being said, sometimes people overreact when they're trying to protect their guy and that's kind of what happened yesterday. Who is wrong, who is right, I'm not going to get into that, but today we're going to make sure we play to the whistle and that's it and move on to the next play, that's the intent."

On conversations with New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles about the fights:

"Yes, we have talked today. If it happens again obviously we'll separate and take the necessary action."

On if New York Jets WR Terrelle Pryor's injury last year affected his ability to contribute when he was on the Washington Redskins roster:

"I think he probably knows that better than I do, but he only played in what, five games? So, obviously a lot you know so, and then those five games he played, I'm not sure how that injury affected him running. I know that he wasn't running as fast as he normally does because probably that injury so, I'm sure it had a major effect on him."

On the new helmet rule:

"We are in constant dialogue, we have the video, we've seen multiple videos and we understand what they're trying to do and we respect that. We will try to play to the rules, but there still are some gray areas there that I'm concerned about as a coach that can cost you football games and can cost players suspensions and all that. So hopefully those gray areas don't come up and bite you. But in pro football with the speed that these players are running and tackling and trying to get their pads down, I think these things are going to be in to question quite a bit. Hopefully they will err on the side of not throwing the flag instead of throwing the flag all the time."

On describing the gray areas regarding the helmet rule:

"I just think they are the 'bang-bang' type plays. You know, the receiver goes up for a pass and the defensive back has a low target and then at the last second the receiver ducks his head; I mean is it targeting or not? You know and the running back who lowers his shoulder to protect himself and you know his head happens to lead because his body leans forward and he hits the guy, is that a penalty on the running back? There [are] offensive-lineman issues; there [are] defensive-lineman issues on bull rushes. You know, I think if you really look hard enough you could probably throw a flag at every play. But the intent obviously, we understand, we want to protect the players without a doubt, alright. But you know, at the speed that these guys play at, it's easier said than done sometimes is my point."

On if defensive backs understand the new rules involving illegal contact and pass interference:

"Yes, you know we had a discussion on that yesterday, you know the big thing is illegal contact after five yards we gotta, you know, get our hands off them and then obviously some of the PI [pass interference] calls, offensive PI [pass interference] too you know there's an emphasis there. So, there's an emphasis on a lot of things right now. Hopefully it's not going to be a flag fest but were going to try to coach up every situation, talk about all of the penalties what could be and get them coached up. And then hopefully they will have an understanding of what they can and can't do come game day."

On the importance of Think Pink Day:

"Yeah, I think Mrs. [Tanya] Snyder's (wife of owner Dan Snyder), you know, she's the founder of it and this is a very serious charity for us and something that we take a big part in and that'll never change as long as we're here. So, totally respect that we're all in as far as that charity's concerned and we're proud to be part of it."