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Quotes: Jay Gruden 8-5-2018

On the injury update for WR Josh Doctson and T Morgan Moses:

"[Josh Doctson] I have not and I expect him to do a little bit more than individual today. But we'll see how he's doing. Morgan just turned and stepped on somebody's foot yesterday and he'll be fine. Probably individual, maybe a little bit of team, we'll see how he's feeling."

On TE Jordan Reed practicing in full contact drills:

"He did yesterday. No, he practiced yesterday. Jordan Reed? Yeah, he practiced. He was on goal line a little bit. He did. He practiced a lot. He's number 86 by the way (laughter)."

On DL Matt Ioannidis' turf toe:

"He's just getting treatment but he's a very tough individual and he does not want to miss practice, so he's fighting through it. You know, hopefully, it's obviously not terrible turf toe but it is painful for him, you can see. Just getting the treatment before and after practice doing what he's supposed to do."

On Ioannidis taking a couple days off to help with the injury:

"I don't know. It's up to him and the trainers. They tell me and (head athletic trainer) Larry [Hess] says he's good to go, Matt says he's good to go so, he's good to go."

On if there is a concern protecting QB Alex Smith with two backup offensive tackles projected to start against the New England Patriots:

"Yeah it could have an impact. You know, we'll see, we have a couple more practices a day. I've kind of given a tentative list of who I want in there for the first game and who I may not play the first game. That could change depending on if we lose a couple other guys in practice today or tomorrow, but we'll play it by ear, see what happens with our tackle situation."

On RB Chris Thompson playing in first preseason game:

"Yeah, Chris will not play on Thursday. I do know that."

On if Thompson has doubt before taking first hit following his injury:

"Yeah, it's a normal thing, it's a normal thing. I think when you see him run around; you can see that he's got his full strength and mobility back. It's just, I think it's now a matter of just slowly getting him into the team periods like we did yesterday and then continue to build off of that on a daily basis. But obviously, I feel like he's functioning well right now and moving well. He's strong in pass protection and he's doing a good job."

On RB Byron Marshall playing special teams and whether he will keep five running backs on the final roster:

"Yes, he is seriously getting looked at there, we're trying a lot of different guys back there and it's going to be depending on whose up on game day. Really that's why we have to have plenty of options back there, but he is definitely a consideration. And five running backs probably a stretch, but a possibility."

On what he wants to see before facing the New England Patriots:

"Well, I think this - we're not even focusing on the game right now. We're still focusing on what we do right now, as far as our situational work and getting our practice in and our reps in. We won't focus on the game until Wednesday. We'll have a walkthrough and a pre-game mock script for the guys just substitution-wise getting them ready; try to give them some New England looks on Wednesday. But today and tomorrow, it'll be strictly, and Tuesday, it will be strictly be ourselves versus ourselves."

On dividing time between evaluating the roster and preparing for Week 1 of the regular season:

"It's all about evaluation for me right now, yeah that's all we're doing is practicing against each other, trying to give our guys different looks and put them in situations to have success where we can look at everybody on the field, on the 90-man roster, that's what our objective is right now. Also, implementing our system and getting a lot of learning from key situational work. As far as getting ready for New England, like I said we'll have blinked at them a little bit, a couple pre-season games and all that stuff, but that won't really take place until Tuesday or Wednesday. Oh Arizona [Cardinals]? Arizona - tough, they have a new staff, you know so, we're trying to gather as much information on what (Head Coach) Coach [Steve] Wilks has done in the past, obviously at Carolina [Panthers]. But, we'll start that probably - coaches have already started those break downs without a doubt but, we'd like to get a couple games on them in the pre-season just to see what they're doing."

On adding full contact on the goal line at yesterday's practice:

"Well I think it was important for us to get some contact. You know, we run around in shorts all day and you know some shoulder pads, I think it's important to get some people tackling. I got to see who can tackle, who can run through tackles, pad level, goal line short-yard situations. Everybody knows that we were not very good offensively on third and one, last year short yardage. So, it was important for us to try to set the tone and get some physicality to our football team and training camp. I thought it was a good time to do it."

On LB Shaun Dion Hamilton:

"Yeah he's doing good. You know, I think he's got to get 100 percent healthy right now. I think he's done a great job as far as getting himself to a point where he can play in practice effectively. But, I think he's going to continue to get better, more in shape and that knee's going to feel better and better as he keeps getting reps and keep getting treatment. But I like him, he's doing a good job, he's smart, can handle all the calls, very instinctive, which you have to be at linebacker. He's got all those traits, now it's just a matter of getting his body right and his health to a 100 percent."

On TE Jeremy Sprinkle:

"Yea, Sprinkle is one of these guys you put in an oven a little bit and him let cook, and he is starting to become the big time tight end that we are anticipating him being. That position is really hard to find nowadays but he is stronger and more confident in what he is doing. Wes [Phillips] has done a great job with him. I love his length. He's better in the passing game. But really when it's all said and done, we need one of the tight ends to emerge as good solid blocking tight end if we want to run the football. You know, we had issues last year at the tight end position. Sprinkle, can provide us a much needed lift if he can continue on the path that he is on, as far as blocking in the running game, and also being effective in the passing game. He's got a great size, great length, a smart kid and I think great days are in front of him."