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Quotes: Jay Gruden And Sean McVay (11.13.15)

Head Coach Jay Gruden

Opening statement:

"Jason Hatcher was limited. Actually, he was full — I'm sorry — he's probable. Keenan Robinson was limited; he's questionable. [Chris] Culliver was limited; he's probable. Dashon Goldson was limited; he's probable. DeAngelo Hall was limited; he's questionable. Andre Roberts was limited; he's questionable. Full were [Bashaud] Breeland, [Ryan] Kerrigan, [Terrance] Knighton, [Josh] LeRibeus and Chris Thompson. They're all probable. I think that's it."

On who will start at center on Sunday:

"Yeah, we're going to start with Josh. We'll get Brian [de la Puente] up to speed. That's the big thing is getting him up to speed mentally. Good possibility he could be active for the game but I think the big thing is just getting him used to the calls and getting him back into playing shape, which doesn't happen over two practices. We're happy with the way Josh has been playing. We just needed a true center in the building, like I said, if something were to happen to him."

On what he has seen from LB Will Compton this season:

"Well, I think you saw Will Compton step up when Perry [Riley, Jr.] was down in a role. The, he's continued to play very well for us. You know, he's taking advantage of his repetitions and we talk about that all the time, 'If your number is called, take advantage of it, you'll get more opps,' and that's what's happened with Will. We're trying to find a way to keep him in the lineup. Unfortunately, these other guys have had some bumps and bruises, which has given Will an opportunity and he's taken advantage of them. There's a good chance he could be a starter, we'll wait and see tomorrow but he's playing well."

On what he likes about Compton:

"Well, he's smart. We know that. He knows both positions and that's one thing he's had to do from day one is learn both inside positions because he's really backed up both Keenan [Robinson] and Perry [Riley, Jr.], so he's got a great understanding of the defense. Then, when he does play, he plays with good violence. You know, he steps up in the hole and is a very physical linebacker and he's got good enough — he's active enough or athletic enough – to where he can cover also in space. Will has done everything that has been asked of him and done it well."

On if he is encouraged by what he saw from WR DeSean Jackson in practice this week:

"Very much so. Very encouraged. You know, when you have a chance to put back-to-back-to-back practices together after being out so long, it's just going to make him stronger, make him feel better mentally where he can really let it go. We saw him this week really let a few go — running fast like we know that he can do. I think the big thing is getting his confidence back and his speed and the ability to really stretch it and push it. I feel good about the progress that he's made and where he's at right now."

On CB DeAngelo Hall:

"He's done some good things — did some things last week in practice. He took some reps out of scout team and he's done some things with the number ones this week and he's coming along. He's still playing with a little bit of soreness but I think he's the type of guy that really wants to get out there. He's one of those veteran guys that has been dying to get back out there. He's done everything he can. He's gone — I don't know how many specialists he's gone and seen, but he's seen a lot. He's close to being ready but we'll find out tomorrow if he feels good enough to play. "

On if Compton's potential start would be injury-related or because of his play:

"Could be a little bit of both. You know, we'll see. We'll make that determination. The big thing is whoever starts we have full confidence in. Those linebackers, like I said, Mason Foster is even one of the four. I feel good about whoever's in there, but Will has been playing extremely well and deserves an opportunity to get more reps."

On if CB Bashaud Breeland and CB Chris Culliver will be on 'a pitch count' this Sunday:

"We hope not, you know? We had to take it a little bit slow. Breeland had, you know, a slight hamstring injury and Culliver is still coming back from that knee but they've both done very well in practice. I'd like to try to  let them roll but we'll see. On game day, one of them might get sore but we'll just play it by ear. I don't anticipate a pitch count, but come game day, things happen and we have to make adjustments."

On if S Jeron Johnson will start:

"We're going to decide on that later on but he has played well in his time also. We're a firm believer in, 'If you get an opportunity to play, you play well, then you deserve more chances to play,' and he's one of those guys that's done that."

Offensive Coordinator Sean McVay

On the drops last week and what he can do as a coach to prevent that moving forward:

"Yeah, I think it was one of those things that we feel very confident in our receivers and our tight ends — as a group — in terms of the way they catch the football. It was one of those days, where, for whatever reason we weren't doing that. You always want to work hand-eye coordination — those type of drills with guys — but I think that was kind of an outlier. I don't think that's going to be a trend that we'll see moving forward. So, hopefully, that's a thing of the past."

On the frustration between the drops happening and the scheme not getting guys open and how it affects him as a coach:

"Well, you know, the bottom line is we weren't producing offensively regardless of however it's not getting done or getting done. We didn't do it together, collectively, as a group. And, our focus this week is trying to see if we can put the best game plan moving forward for New Orleans and hopefully, have a good performance on Sunday."

On the personnel grouping with Darrel Young 'hasn't worked as well':

"I wouldn't say the package hasn't worked as well. It's more that some of the defensive structures that you get that when you play in that personnel grouping aren't necessarily conducive for some of the things that we want to be able to do out of that group. You know, so each kind of week, you look at how a certain kind of defense plays 21-personnel — where you've got two backs and a tight end and then two receivers in — but we have certain things that we like to focus on in that personnel grouping and certain defenses give you those looks and some don't."

On if WR DeSean Jackson is 100 percent:

"Yeah, I think he is. I think it was good for him to be able to get his first live, game action, feel comfortable opening up his stride and realize that, 'Hey, my hamstring is ready to go.' He's had a good week and he's been full speed. We're expecting some good things out of him on Sunday."

On if he anticipates RB Chris Thompson being a larger part of this week's game plan:

"Well, I think it depends on how the game plays out, but he's always going to be a very important part of what we do game-plan wise. He brings a special element in the pass game, but I think he does do some different things in the run game that when he is healthy, he gives us a different dynamic that maybe Matt [Jones] or Alfred [Morris] don't possess. He is feeling better. He is continuing to get healthy or more healthy as we go on. We're looking forward to seeing how he can contribute on Sunday."

On if would feel comfortable using C Brian de la Puente on Sunday:

"Yeah, we would feel comfortable if we had to use him. I think Bill's [Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan] done a great job of getting him up to speed. We do put a lot on our centers mentally so it's a great challenge. He's obviously a veteran guy that's played in a system that is somewhat similar kind of what we're asking of that position. But, both he and Josh [LeRibeus] did a nice job of getting prepared for this game and if he needs to play, then he'll be ready to go."

On what the newer Saints have brought to their defense:

"He's [Kikaha Hau'oli] an active guy. He's definitely got some speed and they use in a couple of different ways. Where, sometimes in their nickel packages he's a rusher and in some of their base defense he can play a linebacker. He does a nice job in coverage when he's asked to do that as well. So, he brings a different speed. Obviously Anthony [Stephone] is another guy that can really run and hit. I think they're a fast physical defense. They do a good job playing sound on the back end. You're not seeing as many things as what you've seen before in terms of the multiplicity of the looks, but they are playing very sound. And those two players are doing a nice job for them."

On possible progress for Matt Jones' ball security issues:

"You know anytime you put the ball on the ground three times, it's definitely something you need to do a better job with and I think each one of the fumbles he's had is a little bit different story. That was one of those situations where he's getting an offset [shot]gun hand off, hadn't really had a chance to secure it, [Alan] Branch makes a nice play and gets into the backfield. So, it's a little bit different than some of those contact fumbles. But, anytime with running backs or anybody that carries the football a huge point of emphasis we always make is taking care of that football, keeping it tight to your body especially when you get into traffic. And Matt definitely needs to continue to work on that and improve as we move forward."

On their confidence in Matt Jones:

"We're confident in him. I'm not at all… the confidence in him isn't shaken. Certainly you want to see better results but I think as he's working through some of the things that do occur as a rookie what you'll end up seeing, you just stay patient with him. He's a real conscientious guy that works hard to try to get those things fixed. Coach [Randy] Jordan does an excellent job of emphasizing those. Hopefully we'll start to see that in games."

On attacking Brandon Browner's recent penalty issues:

"Whatever play that you're calling you just want to make sure that the quarterback progresses accordingly, whatever coverages that is. He's a guy that wants to play physical at the line of scrimmage, get hands on guys. He has been penalized for that. They've got a very aggressive secondary. They want to get their hands on. They play a lot of man coverage principles in some certain situations. Depending on where those matches are, we'll look to go after, we'll look to see if we can get our guys going based on whatever concept that we're running."

On how important it is to have balance on offense even with WR DeSean Jackson returning to the lineup:

"Yeah, I think you definitely want to be balanced. You know, I think that's the thing that you feel fortunate as, when you have as many players as we do that can win one-on-one individual matchups is that, 'Hey, whatever this play or whatever the concept that's called, you know you just progress accordingly, don't necessarily worry about having to force it to one guy or the other.' I think a lot of our skill guys have shown that they can be that primary target and come through when called on. We always emphasize to the quarterback that, you just play each play for its own entity, read out the concept and whatever, wherever the coverage dictates the read, you know, you just play it out and we'll try to put those guys in certain spots. That being said, you certainly do want to get some of your dynamic playmakers some specific touches whether it'd be through screens, some quick games, some of those where it's not necessarily pure-progression plays, and DeSean is definitely one of those guys."

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