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Quotes: Jay Gruden, Greg Manusky 11-8-18

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On injuries:

"Alright did not participate [Quinton] Dunbar, shin; [Chris] Thompson, rib; [Trent] Williams, thumb. Limited were [Jamison] Crowder, ankle; [Morgan] Moses, knee and [Jordan] Reed, back."

On WR Jamison Crowder:

"He just did some individual today on a limited basis but it was good to see him out there in number 80 jersey."

On if Crowder will play Sunday:

"Yeah, I think we'd have to see a pretty good day tomorrow out of him – like in the team work and some red zone activity, but we'll see."

On if RB Chris Thompson will play Sunday:

"Chris Thompson? Yeah, he'll be out on Sunday. No secret there."

On how much of a challenge the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pass game will be without CB Quinton Dunbar:

"It'll be a challenge very much so. Danny [Johnson] and [Greg] Stroman are going to have to step it up and Fabian [Moreau], will maybe have to move out to corner in some base but we'll see. I think Stroman has some pretty good experience and Danny got some experience last week so strap it up and play."

On bringing RB Byron Marshall off IR to play Sunday:

"Not yet, no, Kapri is [Bibbs] handling it pretty good. Samaje [Perine] is back up to Adrian [Peterson], so we have three backs right now but that'll probably be addressed next week."

On what the defense needs to clean up before facing Tampa Bay:

"A lot; you know we have to do better on third down rushing the passer. We had some pretty good third down situations for us to get some pass rush and we didn't really take advantage of those situations. Matt [Ryan] had some time to throw and get to his first, second, third read. They ran some very good pick routes and got free. We have to clean up some of our… if we're going to play man-to-man, clear up some of our combination coverages and go from there. But it's going to be a great challenge. [Mike] Evans is a heck of a receiver. Obviously, DeSean [Jackson], [Chris] Godwin and O.J. [Howard], so we [have to] cover them up, mix in some zones and rush the passer."

On how the offensive line practiced today with the new additions:

"Well they did good. They did alright in the team periods. We did a little bit of one-on-ones and then we did some team periods, tried to get their feet wet. For the most part, I was impressed with the way they handled it mentally. We only had one false start, which is good. One is too many. But with all the snap counts Alex [Smith] uses, it was good. Mixed in some tempos with them and they handled it."

On if T Morgan Moses participated in team drills today:

"No. He did some individual and some light work."

On S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix:

"Yeah, he looks a lot more comfortable. He's a very bright guy like I said last week. I think his role will expand quite a bit."

Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky

On the highs and lows of the defense this season:

"I think overall there was just a lull. I think over a season you've got those ups and downs and we just happened to have one of those downs [against the Atlanta Falcons]. So, we've got to make sure we rebound back from a bad performance and go into this week. The best thing I think about it when you do have those bad performances, usually the guys focus a little bit more and they're focused in. [We had] a good practice today."

On what happened differently with the run defense against Atlanta:

"I think with the guys that they had overall from a receiver standpoint, tight ends and even the running backs, we tried to play a little bit of a light box at times and they kind of took advantage of it. Overall, we've got to learn from the experiences that we had on Sunday, but we've got to make sure we get off on third downs, that's huge. That was a situation where we just didn't get off on third downs and it extends drives with an offense like that, that they have with so many potent receivers, you've got to make sure you make plays when the opportunity arises."

On the detriment of crowd noise on on-field communication at home:

"Yeah sometimes it is, you know. From our standpoint – I always talked about communication standpoint – I don't have a magic ball like I always talk about – but overall it is a little bit hard sometimes when from a communicational standpoint when you are at home where there's a little bit more hand signals and stuff that we talk about every week, that we've got to keep on improving on. But, yeah it is a little bit hard. But, it's great to have the crowd going wild."

On how S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has looked in practice this week:

"Very good, he's a Pro Bowl guy. He understands coverages. He knows exactly from a leverage standpoint and overall, just a phenomenal human being that understands the game of football. I'm excited for him and getting ready for the team that we're playing."

On defending pick routes and how it impacts a defensive game plan:

"Well there is a lot of pick routes going on in the league. Sometimes they are a little bit beyond two yards or one yard that they say and not everybody catches those. We got a couple of calls with one or two last week, but I'm just saying it's where you have to balance. If the team's doing it, you've got to make sure you get in a situation where you are playing a little bit of zone then man. We'll go back and forth based upon the down and distance. It's huge nowadays, they give you one yard, which they fudged about two or three, but we'll see."

On passing off coverage in man-to-man:

"Yeah, there's different ways. You've got all different ways of doing it. From a bunch, from a back in the backfield, you've got totally different ways of doing it, so we just chose the wrong way. We chose the wrong pill."

On two players going for the same assignment and difference between recognition and scheme on defense:

"That was the call, we messed it up – plain and simple."

On the pass rush against Atlanta:

"It was a good offensive line. Overall, I think they had some big bodies up front. I think we got there a couple of times, we were in his face a couple of times but good quarterbacks make those throws. He did, so I think that he's a good quarterback and then the receivers that he has are very talented. So overall, he made some throws, we didn't execute sometimes and that's what happened."

On where the successful pressure is coming from:

"Left, right and middle. [Laughter] Just try to pressure them."