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Quotes: Jay Gruden, Greg Manusky 9-20-18

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On injuries:

"Did not participate were [Troy] Apke; hamstring. [Shaun] Lauvao; calf. Limited, Zach Brown; oblique. Paul Richardson; shoulder. [Brandon] Scherff; knee. Trent Williams, knee and Josh Norman had an illness, missed the first part of practice, but came back and practiced the rest."

On the status of G Shawn Lauvao:

"He's still walking pretty gingerly right now, so we'll have to see what he's like tomorrow."

On the practice morale following a loss:

"Well, we'll see. I think when you're practicing, guys are practicing, trying to study what they are doing, what the game plans all about, we'll see on Sunday. I think we understand that when you are playing an Aaron Rodgers led football team, Clay Matthews, Coach [Mike] McCarthy, they are going to make some plays. How we handle some type of adversity, hopefully we handle a little bit better on Sunday than what we did against the Colts. I think the guys have practiced hard, learned from their mistakes, and are ready to move on."

On DB Fabian Moreau playing outside if CB Josh Norman or CB Quinton Dunbar were down:

"We like him in the slot role, but [Greg] Stroman has done a good job in the slot role also, and Danny [Johnson] has some experience also in the slot role. But, those two guys should be ready to go."

On the balance between doing what you do well versus adjusting:

"I think we had some good plays in man-to-man also. We just got a couple pick plays that probably could have been called, but I think you've got to mix it up. Every week is going to be a different type of game plan depending on who you play. If you can match up with their receivers, tight ends and backs, man-to-man is not a bad way to go. If you have trouble with a lot of the stacks and bunches and pick plays, zone is a good option also, so it's just a good balance. You've got to have a good balance like you do on offense and also defense."

On RB Adrian Peterson adjusting to the run game:

"I think he's adjusting fairly well. He's still new to the system and some of these shotgun runs; he's very good at behind the center, behind the quarterback. We are trying to feature runs that he's good at but also practice some of the runs he hasn't really done in his career. I think he's doing a good job though."

On Peterson playing in shotgun:

"It's getting his eyes right. It's all about his eyes as his landmark and doing what he does; making a quick slash or cut, being decisive and going. Sometimes he gets a little impatient. He has been a little impatient to make that quick cut but he's going to be fine. He's a Hall of Fame back and the more he sees, the better he will get."

On young players facing QB Aaron Rodgers:

"One, we got to get the call in fast, and then we've got to line up and eliminate the substitutions – unless somebody's tongue is falling out of their body – so we've got to make sure we keep our guys in there, be prepared to play seven, eight play drives and limited substitution. If they sub, we can sub, otherwise guys have got to stay in and play."

On if TE Jordan Reed's snap count during the game is based on his health or game plan:

"A little bit of both, I think we were probably a little bit more careful with him early in the season. I think he's going to get more and more as the season goes on. We have a lot of different personnel groups right now, some of them we feature [Jeremy] Sprinkle, some of them Vernon [Davis] and Sprinkle, and as Jordan gets more comfortable, and when we feel great about his health – which we do right now – I think you'll see more and more of Jordan."

On diagnosing where the team is at after two weeks:

"I don't think anybody jumped to any conclusions after a Week 1 victory at Arizona. We were happy about it, getting our first win, but we know it's a long season and a lot is going to happen. There's going to be a lot of different types of adversity that we are going to hit throughout the year; injuries, wins and losses, and we've got to handle it better. We are still early in the season as far as finding our identity and what we are good at, especially on offense, but we're working towards that. We feel pretty good about where we are from a skills standpoint and now it's about getting them in the right spots, getting them more comfortable and converting on third downs. I think it's always going to be a work in progress. Each week is a different challenge, like I said many times, this defense Coach [Mike] Pettine runs over in Green Bay is going to be different entirely than what we faced last week, and next week it will be the same thing, the week after when we play New Orleans. We just have to handle different types of looks and different types of movement on offense and defensively different types of quarterbacks and schemes."

On where QB Aaron Rodgers ranks on the all-time list:

"Well, he's got to be talked [about] with the best ones of all-time. I mean he can do everything. His mobility probably sets him apart from some of the other guys. He stands in the pocket. He can move. He's a winner. I don't know. I think if any team had him on their team and you're picking, whether you're picking first in the fantasy football quarterback draft or fifth, and you've got Aaron Rodgers, you feel good about winning every game that you play."

On disguising coverages against Rodgers:

"I think you have to hold your disguise if you are going to disguise. I think you've got to handle different types of formations and if you show your hand you've got to be sound in what you do. The most important thing is that you've got to make him uncomfortable in the pocket. If you give him time to move around and buy time, and find a second, third option, or fifth or sixth option because he's scrambling around, he's going to dice you up. The team's that have had success, which aren't very many, they pressure him, and that's the key."

Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky

On if he is preparing for Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers' tempo:

"Definitely, I mean, he's one of the best in the league, you know, going to the ball quick if you sub. We've made sure that we get in our situations where [if] we have a chance to sub, we will. There are other chances you might get caught, so we're going to be playing with the guys that we have out on the field if he's there and he does that."

On valuing variety as a play caller:

"I think, initially, you have to have a little variety during training camp, OTAs, things like that, so all the sudden that you know what coverages you're going to play based upon the teams that you're going to play from the route-recognitions that they have. It's give and take and then all of the sudden during the season you kind of limit it to certain things that you're going to do."

On holding disguises as opposed to lining up against Rodgers:

"Yeah, I mean he does a great job from recognizing who's down, who's coming. He's been in the league for a long time. Him and (Green Bay Head Coach) Mike (McCarthy), they communicate and they have a very good offense that is based upon Single-I and Double-I. We have to do what we have to do, but I think overall, you have to go out there and play football at a high level and that's what we expect to do."

On the defensive backs' communication in Week 1 vs. Week 2:

"I think like I always tell you; communication. I don't care what call as long as we're on the same page. A couple times we were off the page and things happened to us. You know, we kind of honed it up a little bit this week in regards to playing him [Aaron Rodgers] because we know he's such a true professional and knows so much about the game and safety rotation all that kind of stuff, so we kind of honed it up, limited a little bit of calls and then we'll play from there."

On why defensive backs weren't on the same page against the Indianapolis Colts:

"Well, I think it's just communication from the safeties to the corners and even to the inside linebackers. We have to all be on the same page. We weren't at times and we paid the price for it."

On if he was surprised by last week's game vs. the Indianapolis Colts:

"Andrew's (Luck) a good – I was there with him for four years. He was a phenomenal player. I knew he was going to get the ball out quick the majority of the time and that's what he is. He knows where he's going. He's very similar to Aaron Rodgers in the respect that he knows where to go with the ball. He's seen it for a decent amount of time, but Andrew's a good football player. What we got to do is make sure they kick field goals instead of making touchdowns."

On S Montae Nicholson:

"Montae is doing a good job. I mean across the board, communication-wise with [D.J.] Swearinger and stuff, with the corners. He's starting to develop into a good football player. We know he has the speed. He has the capability to cover guys and just overall, I'm excited to see what he's going to do this week."

On the pass rush against up-tempo offense:

"It depends on who you're playing you know what I'm saying? Offensively, if teams are going to want to take shots up the field, they're going to hold a ball a lot longer. Some coordinators and quarterbacks in this league hit their back foot and the ball is gone. From our standpoint, it's been quicker pace more than anything. We have to make sure we get into third-and-long situations so we have the ability to rush the quarterback than third-and-one and twos."

On if he is satisfied with giving up fewer yards than recording sacks:

"Yeah, as long as we win the game that's the most important thing from my standpoint. Win, lose or draw, if we give up, I don't want to give up 400 yards, but I'm saying if we win the game, that's what I want – for us, for the whole team. From our standpoint, we go into each game with the plan that we have. Sometimes we'll alter that plan based upon halftime or even on the sidelines. But overall, giving up what we give up sack-wise, we had some pressures that got to him where he threw the ball a little bit quicker than he wanted to. Those sacks and those pressures are very important at least trying to defend Andrew Luck and of course the quarterback we are playing this week."