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Quotes: Kirk Cousins (10.19.14)

Quarterback Kirk Cousins

On extremes in his performance today:

"Yeah, you know, if I had the perfect answer I probably wouldn't have thrown them.  You know, I don't know if some of it is I'm so conscious of not throwing an interception that it causes you to throw one.  I really don't know.  You know, I feel like I just need to get better and cut down those turnovers, and like you said, I do believe that I can do some good things and we can move the ball when I'm in there.  When you turn the ball over, you put your defense behind the eight ball, you don't give your offense a chance and there are just too many play-makers on this team to not have the ball in their hands.  So, Jay knows it, that's why he made the change and, you know, like I said, if I don't turn the ball over, I think this offense will be in a much better place, so whoever is at quarterback, that will be an important point of emphasis."

On what he needs to do between now and next week:

"I need to, you know, put together a good week of preparation and good practice and the coaches are going to ultimately make the decision but  I want to do all that I can – that I can control – to show them and give them confidence during the week's preparation."

On if the coaching staff simplified the game plan this week:

"I don't think so. I think overall it was pretty similar.  I think as the game goes, you  get a feel for what works and based on what Tennessee's defense was doing was what dictated some of the play calls. You know, if that came across a little more simple, it's because it's what was working and where we felt like we could move the ball on."

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