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Quotes: Morgan Moses 7-31-2018

On having his family in Richmond during training camp:

"It's amazing, amazing feeling anytime you get to come back to your hometown and have your children and family witness the schedule that you go through every day it makes it a lot easier for training camp knowing that you got them there. You know you're off day you can go stay with them and feel like its family, they're not two hours away in Leesburg so it's very beneficial for me."

On T Trent Williams:

"You know first of all the leader that he is on the field for us and off and on the field you know the things he's done, the O-line camp we have every year and the standard that he holds the guys to on the line he has a work ethic where we come out 20 minutes before the practice starts, 20 minutes after, we're the last people to leave the field. It's a standard you know, it's a standard playing offensive line being set, not just with Trent but with [Bill] Callahan (assistant head coach / offensive line coach) as well you know. He expects us, when we come out here no matter if we're hurt, whatever it is to come out there and give it our best that day. And we keep each other in line having those standards. We've obviously over the last year you know, we've had a lot of injuries but you know having Trent - I've seen Trent not practice all week and come in the game and dominate but the thing that helps him with that is because of the standards that we keep him with. When we're at meetings if you're not getting the reps outside on the field you need to lock in on meeting time so when you go out there you can be flawless in your game. So we hold each other to a high expectation, that's what makes our offensive line successful."

On Williams' production following last year's injury:

"You can already see it now. You know he hasn't lost his step. The guy obviously is an incredible athlete. He runs like a deer. He runs like a guy that's supposed to be playing slot receiver. But the work ethic he's put in offseason and in season, being here you know obviously being here and not being able to do everything but he's doing individuals and meetings, making sure his - you know the big thing is about both not being - if you're not a hundred percent physically it's being a hundred percent mentally. So when you get on the field you can just worry about the physical part and not the mental stuff and so having him here although he's not participating in everything is a huge, huge thing for us as an offense."

On his rehab following last year's injury:

"I feel great, you know obviously it makes it a lot easier to get on the field when you have guys like Brandon Scherff and Trent Williams and Shawn Lauvao those guys that you know they're waiting for you out there. During the season you know battling through the injury it makes it a lot easier to come in on Sunday and play because you know those guys hold you to that standard and offensive linemen we're always going to play through something. But the rehab has been great you know just polishing everything making sure you know I'm not dipping my toe in the water and just jumping in and just figuring it out and obviously going against Ryan Kerrigan every day helps out a lot because you know he's an elite pass rusher so anytime you get that time and those moments on the field with him, you really gotta take advantage of them."

On if the team is different with QB Alex Smith:

"I mean obviously in these last couple of days, obviously I didn't get any reps during OTAs and stuff, so I'm still kind of getting a feel. But, you can just tell by the three days, four days we've been on the field, how much the playbook has grown. Because his, you know, he's just not a thrower, he can run, you have to respect his run, we got a little bit of option stuff coming in and stuff like that. It helps us all out as an offense and as a defense because the [Philadelphia] Eagles run similar plays with Carson Wentz and so they get a guy on our team that they see that every day. So you know the qualities that he brings as a man and as a football player are zero to none. He's a great person, great personality, great leader, and we love him."

On the benefits of having athletic offensive tackles to incorporate the option play:

"It's great you know for us getting out there and just knowing we're getting the idea of where he [Alex Smith] is. Obviously, you want a quarterback that has different versatility of running the ball and stuff like that. The defense is going to try and attack you in a different way because they necessarily don't want him to move off the spot. Because if you look at last year, I mean, he ate a lot of people up getting out of the pocket and throwing it fifty-sixty yards down the sideline to Tyreek Hill, who's an amazing speed guy, and we got Paul Richardson. So, you know, it helps us out a lot because sometimes we mess up a little bit as offensive linemen, our guys get a little free and knowing that he can step up in the pocket and flush, it helps us out a lot."

On the talent in the backfield:

"Dude, that's a good question. I'll tell you this, every running back we have has stepped up their game, [and] I'll tell you that. I mean just being able to watch and sit back and watch in OTA's you can see that you can't call Fat Rob, Fat Rob anymore because he's not fat anymore. So, we have to scratch that nickname out and [Samaje] Perine obviously going into his second year has a better understanding and knowledge of the game and the offense. Obviously [Derrius] Guice man, the dude talks the talk and he walks the walk, man. So, having those guys and plus "CT" [Chris Thompson], who I think is the best third down back in the NFL, when healthy, it's going be exciting. It's going to be an exciting preseason because, you know, having all four of those guys, you know, makes the roster a little full."

On LB Ryan Anderson:

"I mean I think the biggest adjustment, as coming from your rookie into your second year, is the professionalism. You know, you can see when he comes into the building every day he has something he wants to work on whether it's on the field or off the field. Is it getting stronger in the weight room, the knowledge of the game, watching the game on your iPad or whatever it is, more understanding the defense and concepts. You can see that about him. When he walks around, you know, he instead of talking all the time, he gives you like the head nod [and] he's on his way doing something. I think that's a good thing for him, and I think, you know, you can tell the leadership is rubbing [off] on him – as in Ryan Kerrigan and, you know, Preston [Smith] and [Pernell] McPhee, the older guys in the room. That he's starting to shape his way into that professionalism as a football player."

On LB Pete Robertson:

"Aw man. I'll tell you, when Pete first got here, man, I tell you; you would have thought he was more a special team guy. You know, when we had a lot of guys down and out, he got a lot of reps and you could see the burst that he has and the speed, he brings another aspect to the game and he works hard man. There's not one thing you tell him to do that he's not going to do it. You tell him to go get some water 50 yards down the field, he's going to run and get water 50 yards down the field. He just has that mentality, he just wants to help the team, he wants to come out and get better. And the big thing about him, after he gets reps out there, he'll come to you and he'll say, 'Hey, what do you see? What can I do more? What can I use?' You know, it might not work against us but he's like, 'Hey, what can I do? What do you see?' And a guy that is willing to come off and put his pride aside and ask those questions, is a guy that's trying to get better every day."

On what he did on his off day:

"Off day, me and my wife drove to Charlottesville for our last doctor's appointment. So, our son is coming August 7th. We've had a busy off season but she's been playing mommy daycare with all the kids as you can see. Coming out here every day, so that's what we did on our off day."

On the children at the podium:

"No, no, no, hold up, I got some nieces and nephews up here today, alright. These three right here are mine, number four, third boy in a row. We're working on a semi-pro offensive line right now. I'll tell you something about these guys; you know it's bad when you get off the field at practice and they're like 'Daddy, you're sweaty. Daddy, you tired.' And they look at you and say, 'Dad you're getting old.' I'm like dang, I'm five years in already."

On the offensive linemen staying healthy:

"You know, obviously us being out there is very important. You know, especially getting the reps in with a new offense, with a new running back, receiving core, Alex getting used to it, it's very important for us to get out there. But, you know speaking to Alex and knowing his professionalism being in the league for a while, he wants his guys 100 percent and not 85 percent and that's why you don't see us rushing back, you know. Plus, you know guys like Trent, you know me, Ty [Nsekhe], we've been in the league for a number of years so, we kind of know what to expect to get our bodies together. But you know our training staff, our weight room, they've done a great job of giving us the tools to make sure we're ready and up and going, whether it's taking a little bit off in the weight room so we can get through practice, you know lifting on our off days instead of lifting on a day that we have practice. It's been great so, just trying, you know, fine tune things so when we get out there we're on one accord [and] it doesn't look like we haven't been together for months."