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Quotes: Ryan Grant (5.10.14)

WR Ryan Grant (Round 5, No. 142 Overall)

On his reaction to getting picked by Washington:

"I was actually in a workout room just sitting down, finishing up a workout and I actually had the draft up on the television and I'm just sitting and watching. And as the fourth round goes by, the fifth begins and I get the phone call and [Head Coach] Jay Gruden got on the phone and it was good from there. I'm very ecstatic at the moment to be a part of the organization and I'm going to make the most of the opportunity."

On expectations for the day:

"We were expecting four to five and I'm happy to be with the Redskins."

On his game:

"My game, I'm consistent with it, man. I'm great with route running. I have great hands, quick in and out of my breaks. When the ball is in the air and I'm going to go up there, contest the receiver, go and get the ball."

On what he needs to work on:

"I just need to get stronger. I need to get stronger. I need to work on running after catch, just become a better player overall."

On his special teams experience:

"I played a bunch of special teams earlier in my career – freshman and sophomore seasons. Then junior and senior year, I was a little bit too valuable to be on special teams so the coaches kind of held me back."

On if his hands are a natural skill:

"I think God blessed me with some great hands. You know, when I was younger I always had pretty big hands. I was always good at catching the ball. I think I was born with that talent but I am a hard worker. I work hard at everything and I try to get better by the day."

On how he will try to fit in with the Redskins' current wide receivers:

"I am going to get behind those guys and watch them and follow them and I am just going to play my part and play my role."

On his interaction with the Redskins before the draft: "I met with [Head Coach] Jay [Gruden] and them at the combine. I had a great interview with those guys. They enjoyed talking to me at the combine. We watched some film together. It was a good deal at the combine. I'm just glad that they made the decision to pick me up this afternoon."

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