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Quotes: Ryan Kerrigan 8-11-2018

On changing the amount of preseason games and practices during training camp:

"I mean, I definitely feel like, you know for a lot of guys, when you're talking about the first and second units, you get a lot out of joint practices. I mean we've had the [New England] Patriots here before, we've had the [Houston] Texans, and I felt like we got a ton of good work done in those in those practices. Whereas in the game, if it's the first or second preseason game and you're first string might be going you know maybe five to ten plays, so it's like you gotta balance that out to which do you think is more productive you know getting, getting ten plays in a game situation or getting you know a significant amount of reps in over a course of a couple days of practice."

On which he thinks is more valuable – joint practices or preseason games:

"I mean, it's really tough because you can't, like the only way to simulate playing football is playing football. So game, you can't like put it in game. Game reps you know are valuable for a reason and they are good evaluation tools, but at the same time, having four preseason games is - I don't know if you need four to do that kind of all year evaluation."

On if joint practices helps him at his position:

"It just allows you to see a different kind of pass set I mean were going against - for me for example, I'm going against T Morgan Moses every day. So I'm seeing Morgan Moses's set, so you know when we're going against the [New York] Jets now I will be seeing a different couple lineman's sets so that will allow me to see where I'm at in terms of my variation and variety of moves."

On his responsibility when he is not playing during the preseason:

"For me it's kind of watching my position guys, watching Ryan Anderson, watching Pete Robertson and then seeing OK, put myself in their shoes, looking at the formation, OK, what would I do here, what would I do on this one, and you just kind of got to put yourself in the guys that are on the tape shoes."

On reaction to RB Derrius Guice's injury:

"Yeah that one stung. I mean I was over here getting ready to work out, you know talked to a couple guys and they relayed the message and it kind of took me a couple minutes to kinda get going with my workout and what not. 'Cause it was just like, you felt really bad for the guy. He has come in and been nothing but a positive force for our organization and has really worked to endear himself with the fans and with the community. You know, he hosted the movie night the one night during the offseason program. Just really been an all-around good guy and not to even mention how impressed we've been with him at practice, so to see him go down, it was a bummer for sure."

On Guice's impact as a rookie:

"I mean it's incredibly unique. He was all – he was the focal point of 'Skins camp I would say, so far. I mean a lot of people were wondering how many yards is Guice going to rush for, should I draft him on my Fantasy team, things like that. And it's just, I mean, people were really excited for him and I know I was really excited for him personally, as well. So it's a real bummer to see him go down."

On frustration over so many player injuries following last season:

"I mean I don't -- snake bitten definitely carries a "woe is me" connotation so I'm not gonna do that. Every team's had their injuries, it's about overcoming them and yeah, well, meanwhile that can be a cliché, it is, you gotta work to overcome them and that's - we have a deep running back room, you know, luckily but you know still we were, everyone, was really pumped to see what Guice could do throughout the season."

On LB Shaun Dion-Hamilton against New England:

"He was awesome, Ryan Anderson had been telling me about him you know all throughout the off-season program saying this guy [is] a ball player I'm telling you he can make plays and you've seen it in practice, but then when you actually see it at game speed see him you know stopping the running back in their tracks and filling the hole like he was; it was impressive to see. You can see why Alabama is really good at football every year."