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Quotes: Trent Murphy (5.9.14)

LB Trent Murphy (Round 2, No. 47 Overall)

On coming to Washington:

"It was pure joy, really, such a sigh of a relief just to be drafted and have this waiting game over. It's definitely been building up and so it just hit my family abrupt and we just have joy and cheer inside. So we're all pretty excited."

On making a trip to Washington:

"I made a team visit about month and half ago up there and I just kind of remember the facility and how as I walked into the place and knew that was definitely a place I could work in and work hard every day and just kind of show up, and it was just kind of the place that I like to train in and so it definitely felt like home there, so I couldn't be more excited that's where I ended up."

On what the team told him on the call:

"They just said they are going to pick me up in a minute and we're going to do this and so I was pretty excited. I'm speechless right now."

On the role he envisions having in Washington:

"I'm not exactly entirely sure what position and their kind of plans schematically, how they're going to use me, but just as a rookie coming in, it's basically to find a role for the team and a contributing role at that, and to find a way onto the field. That's my goal."

On with whom he was watching the draft:

"Just my immediate family, my brother and sisters are here in my home in Mesa, Arizona. They've all been kind of pacing in the living room waiting to find out and I walked out the door on the phone and so they were definitely all pretty curious as to who was on the phone and I let them kind of hear from the TV and they all just erupted with cheers, so I'm happy they're outside or I probably wouldn't be able to hear anything right now."

On what he does well as a pass rusher:

"On the edge is basically, use length, get on the edge. I use my hands really well against offensive linemen. If you ever talk to any offensive linemen that I've pass rushed against, they'll talk about how good my hands are and how they can never punch or get a strike on me. I bend really well for how long and tall I am."

On the challenges of adapting to the NFL:

"I think the biggest challenge, especially from when I came out there, was basically I can play really hard and do something really good one play or two plays and then the biggest thing is consistency. They want to show that aggression, that relentless effort to the ball every play for 60 plays the entire game, and that's kind of what needs to take my game to the next level is just to show that nonstop, relentless effort every second between the whistles, throughout the entire game, not just sporadically. Not sporadic great football, but consistent."

On if there is a responsibility in being the Redskins' first pick:

"Absolutely. It definitely shows, acknowledges, I was high on their board. They really, really wanted to take me and that kind of means a lot to be a team's first pick even though it was not in the first round. I couldn't be more excited to be that guy and to put that weight on my shoulders and to wake up every day and give it my best effort and pushing myself and the organization to new levels."

On working with linebackers Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan:

"That is pretty exciting for me just to be able to learn from a couple of guys like that and to see two guys who have been successful at this position and how they do it and how they teach it, everything like that. I am pretty excited and hopefully I can find a role into that rotation."

On his relentless attitude on the field:

"I think it comes from building good habits. Since high school, really, I really have just been focusing on the controlables, focusing on my attitude, my effort, and everything within my control, within the team's control, trying to rub off on the guys around me and just kind of continue to push each other. I think when you do that day in and day out, it just kind of eventually becomes who you are and what you do. I think that's kind of how I manifest that."

On his position preference between outside linebacker and defensive end:

"Definitely as probably an outside linebacker. I guess it depends on the situational down or what scheme they're in at the moment, but as like a stand up two-point outside backer, putting my hand down and sealing that edge, is where I'd like to be."

* *

On how he will celebrate his selection:

"Definitely with my family, probably make dinner here or barbeque or go out for dinner, but definitely with my immediate family and just kind of celebrate all of this hard work paying off. But there's still a lot hard work to come to make it all worthwhile."

On the style of barbecue: "I might tweet it out to the community there and see what is barbecuing these days and then we will cook it up here in Mesa, Arizona."

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