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Quotes: Trent Williams (12.3.14)

Tackle Trent Williams

Opening statement:

"In case you didn't know, obviously I am here promoting the Tackle Diabetes Game with the American Diabetes Association. We are trying to raise awareness to Type 2 diabetes. It affects a lot of people, obviously it affected myself with my grandfather so I am just up here trying to help to spread the word."

On his experience and why he wanted to contribute:

"Well, my grandfather died at an early age with Type 2 diabetes. I wasn't able to establish that grandfather-grandson relationship that I wanted to – he was my only grandfather that I knew of. My mom, she didn't know her father so he was the only grandfather figure that I had and we lost him real early – real early in my life – to Type 2 diabetes."

On his goal with the American Diabetes Association:

"We really just want to bring light to the topic of Type 2 diabetes. It affects 30 million Americans every year and with us having the platform that we have and with me being a bigger guy and being an offensive lineman – where we are encouraged to carry excess weight – to let folks know that after football that I really have to focus on eating healthy and staying active. Obviously meeting with a physician all the time to going over and basically getting myself checked out because I have a family history with it. So that's basically what it is. We are just trying to raise awareness and me having being affected by it, I felt like it was a perfect opportunity for me."

On how diabetes affected his grandfather's quality of life:

"It was devastating to me being young and being a part of athletics. My grandfather was never able to come watch me play because he was so frequently sick and had to stay in the house from complications from diabetes. And we always had to come over and visit him and it was kind of a sight that no little kid would want to be a part of – just real sick, very weak, unable to be active at times. I mean, me being a young kid, I didn't have any type of awareness of what diabetes was, I'd just see my grandfather suffering whenever I'd see him."

On what steps he takes to make sure he does not put himself at risk for diabetes:

"You've got to pay attention to what you put into your body. I was taught that you only get out what you put into yourself. So, you know, obviously I am going to have to watch my intake as far as food-wise and make healthy decisions. Obviously, I am not just going to be able to just sit up on the couch after 10 years of football, 12 years of football or however long and just be a couch potato. Obviously, I am still going to have to get out and be active because I am raising two daughters of my own and I want them to lead a healthy life. so I know I will have to be a good example."

On his grandfather's name and how old Williams was upon his death:

"His name was John L. Hawkins. I was in elementary school, so I am not sure my age. I know it was right before I went to middle school."

On the age at which his grandfather passed:


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