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Ramsey Eyes Present, Not Future

Redskins quarterback Patrick Ramsey spoke with on Wednesday as he prepared for this Sunday's game against the New York Giants:

Q: You saw your first action of the season in the first game against the New York Giants. What did you take away from that game?

A: "Looking back, that game seems kind of odd because I'm much more familiar with our offense and what we're doing now. I'm much more comfortable with it. For me, mentally, I'm so much further along than I was at that point. I made some costly errors for our team in that game, and that was probably the difference in the game."

Q: Do you look at the last five games of this season with an eye toward next year?

A: "Personally I'm focused on just winning the games. You go in and prepare no differently that if we were 9-2. You look at this as an opportunity to win football games and get things going to change the atmosphere around here."

Q: So the thought of this being an audition for the Redskins' starting quarterback job long-term hasn't really crossed your mind?

A: "If I look at it as an audition, then I think I'm kind of putting myself in a hole. I look at it as this: I'm going out there to play quarterback in this offense the way I'm asked to do and to help us win football games and let the rest take care of itself."

Q: After having played Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in back-to-back weeks, how is the team viewing this Sunday's game against the Giants?

A: "It's a big game for us because of where we are, more so than anything about who we were playing. We need a win right now and we need to try to get things going before the season ends so that we have something to build on. This is a game which hopefully we can get that started."

Q: How has the team stayed together through the losing streak?

A: "If you look at it, we're in every game. It's not like we have to change the world to overcome anything to win a game. We have to do a few things more consistently and score a few more points to win those games we've lost. So when you look at it like that, it's not like we have to change, we just have to score a few more points and be more consistent and we'll win a lot of these games."

Q: With the Giants ranked 25th against the run, is the focus of the offense going to be back on running the ball?

A: "I think the situations in the game will kind of dictate the way we're going to try and do things. Obviously we'd like to run the ball more--and more efficiently--than what we have in the last couple of ball games. We're striving for balance as well."

Q: Did the offensive line have a tough adjustment due to all of the injuries this season?

A: "I think it's been difficult for the line, but they're coached well and they're prepared well. They can overcome whatever is thrown at them. Those guys have done a good job picking up some tough schemes the last few weeks."

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