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Randle El Post-Game: Redskins-Vikings

On the Redskins' offense against the Vikings:

"You saw a lot more. That's what we are and who we are. We've got little things that we need to fine tune--things that we thought that we had completely down. We just weren't consistent enough. A bunch of times, we basically gave up 11 points. You can't do that when you have an opportunity."

On improvements:

"We have to go back to the drawing board. We have a short week. We have Dallas and certainly our focus will be on them this week."

On running the ball down the middle:

"We know what works. We've been saying that from the beginning because we know we have the players to get it done. Coach Gibbs is doing a great job preparing us."

On the loss:

"We got pressured. It was the small things. We need to fine tune having the ball in the end zone. We had a lot of different things that we just didn't get done in the red zone. It's just a matter of going back and working things out."

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