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Redskins Players Have Different Views On How To Prepare For Cold Weather


When the game time temperatures have dipped below 40 degrees this year, the Redskins are 2-0. Coincidence or trend?

It's most likely coincidence, although the Redskins have won four of their last five games where the temperature is less than 50 degrees, dating back to last season. Monday night will be another test in the cold, as the low is projected to be 26 degrees, according to The Weather Channel.

That will wrap up a rather odd stretch of weather in the D.C. metro area as residents woke up to a mixture of ice and snow on the ground on Saturday morning, causing some troubles on the roads. However, on Sunday the high soared over 60 degrees. But on Monday we dip back down. If there is a silver lining to Monday night's forecast, there is zero chance for precipitation after reports earlier in the week suggested the possibility of snow.

"I mean I'd prefer 70 degrees and sunny with no wind," Redskins center Spencer Long said laughing. "I can handle it. It's not ideal, but it's not going to bother me either."

When it comes to cold games, the big discussion often revolves around sleeves or no sleeves.

"You've got to go skins, man," linebacker Will Compton said. "It's like an unspoken rule of linebackers. When you see linebackers out there with sleeves, you lose a little bit of credibility."

But Will, what about your fellow linebacker Terence Garvin?

"Garv has sleeves so we have to give him crap," Compton continued. "[Houston] Bates, Louisiana boy, wore sleeves this last game so you've got to give him crap."

Running back Chris Thompson, who said he wore two pairs of sleeves last week in Philadelphia, says he doesn't really care what anyone thinks.

"I've got to stay warm," Thompson said. "I know if I'm not warm, then you won't get the best out of me."

While Compton strongly disagrees with sleeves, he understands there are certain situations where they're necessary.

"Sometimes it might get insane," Compton said. "We've heard whispers of negative degrees next week in Chicago. You might have to sit down and take a look at what you want to do. But you want to go sleeveless as much as possible."

Right, about Chicago, where the Redskins will play next Saturday on Christmas Eve. The Bears faced the Packers Sunday in the Windy City, where the high was listed at seven degrees. Thankfully for Green Bay and Chicago, they didn't play at night, where the low wsas forecasted to be minus-11.

As for next Saturday, the current projected temperature in Chicago is 32 degrees for the 1:00 p.m. kickoff, but of course, things could change.

It was difficult to find anyone in the Redskins locker room who actually likes the cold weather, but defensive end Chris Baker knows where he can find warmth.

"We got some nice hot benches, so hopefully we get some three and outs and go sit on the warm bench," Baker said.

However, for the offense, sitting on the bench isn't a good thing. Left tackle Trent Williams, who grew up in Texas, would much rather be on the field moving and hitting. When asked if he enjoys the cold and snow, Williams had simple answers.

"No and no," he said bluntly. "I'm from the south so we didn't grow up with a lot of this, but I enjoy football. Whatever weather it is, as long as I get to play football, I'm happy."

Now that we can all agree on.

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