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Redskins Reward Super School With Grant


With all of the entertainment distractions of the modern world, it is no wonder that some children have forgotten how to just play.

As a solution, the NFL has created and expanded the PLAY 60 initiative, which encourages youth to get up and play for at least 60 minutes a day.

The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation is committed to promoting that message to kids in the greater Washington, D.C. area.

Already this year, the Redskins have helped host fuel up to PLAY 60 challenges, mini-combines, fundamental skills clinics, flag football tournaments, and today's super school visit that took place at Glebe Elementary School in Arlington, Va.

For players Alfred Morris, Darrel Young, Joshua Morgan and Chris Baker, it was an opportunity to step away from their preparation for the 49ers on Monday Night Football and focus on the greater good of the community at large.

And who better to inspire fitness than four of the region's best athletes?

"We are so happy to be here with you guys," Baker told the amped assembly. "PLAY 60 is really big across the country and it's really important that you grow up fit like me. Don't you want to have a body like me?

"This is what working out and eating right can get you. Three hundred pounds and looking great."

While Baker used his time to entertain the masses, his underlying point was hammered home: everyone of every build can take care of themselves and be healthy.

Before leaving the assembly, players accepted questions from five students who wanted advice on everything from fitness techniques to how to overcome disappointing losses.

The latter, which focuses more on the mental aspects of teamwork and fitness, was a question that yielded some especially thoughtful insight from the Redskins panel.

As Darrel Young notes, the team has gone through some tough games recently, but that the team remains confident based on the belief they have in one another.

"Football just teaches you life lessons, man," Young told him. "Adversity is going through a situation that's tough. So when you go through tough times in football, it's just preparing you for things you're going to go through in life.

"But at the end of the day, man, it's football. Go out there and have fun. Just understand that wins and losses are just part of the game. You have to go through a little adversity to appreciate the goals you have.

"Take that loss and build from it. Learn what you can for next week and just get better from it."

The players closed out the assembly by presenting the school with a $10,000 NFL PLAY 60 grant for health and wellness programming and equipment at the school.

From there, the players took a group of students into the gym for the Ultimate Physical Education Class, setting up stations around the gym to work on sit-ups, push-ups, jumping rope, lifting weights and relay races.

Joshua Morgan, for one, was impressed with the work the school had put in for Super School status and the physical conditioning of the students.

"It means a lot to me to see a group of kids come together to do great things," he said. "I play a team sport, so when you see a group come together like a team and accomplish a big goal, it's a great thing.

"There's some impressive athletes out there. I saw one girl do stuff on the jump rope I had only seen [professional boxer] Floyd Mayweather do."

Alfred Morris could hardly be pried away from the athletics events, but needed a few seconds to himself in order to re-tie the laces on one of his shoes.

"This is tiring but lots of fun! Enough said!"




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