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Redskins Youth Movement Makes Considerable Leap In 2015


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As the Redskins put their final touches on their 53-man roster Saturday, they were at once organizing a group of players that fit their brand of football and getting slightly younger at the same time.

Those results are now evident thanks to a data compilation done by Philly Voice, which examined the average age of each NFL team roster and compared them to the previous few years.

The Redskins, as of now, stand as the 17th youngest team in the league, with an average age of 26.15, an impressive jump from two seasons ago when they ranked 31st behind the Lions with an average of 26.84.

The Rams are the youngest in 2015 with 24.94 while the Colts take last place with an average of 27.17.

Now, we're only talking decimals here, but that can equate to several players in a higher age bracket. The Redskins' main culprits in 2013 were linebacker London Fletcher (38) and punter Sav Rocca (40), along with a solid core of players hovering just above or below age 30.

As it stands now, the Redskins have 19 players on their team that have two or fewer years of expereince in the league.

Does age really matter for championship teams? Lets just look at the Rams, who have had the youngest team in the league since 2012. The Colts ranked 29th last season and nearly reached the Super Bowl.

All of which is to say every team has a mix of veterans and young players --sometimes the two aren't mutually exclusive -- and how they use that mix is key. Football has a habit of shortening NFL careers, and turnover at a position can happen very quickly. The salary cap and a player's financial projections are also a major factor in how teams choose to pay members on the roster.

It is still a primary goal to skew younger – young players are often faster and less prone to injury and generally cheaper – though there are exceptions to every rule.

But under general manager Scot McCloughan, the Redskins' latest roster is a sign that the team is indeed becoming younger, and demonstrating the growing trend that rookies and players still new to the league can have a similar impact as the veterans.




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