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Sean Taylor Press Conference

On signing his rookie contract and being in Washington for the start of training camp:

"I'm real happy to be here, I'm real happy to have all the business side out of the way and all the agent issues out of the way, and go back to old football. That's what I'm here to do, play football. I'm very happy to be here in Washington and becoming one more of those players in that legacy of Washington football."

On going through the signing process:

"It's a first time for everything. In college you don't see it firsthand. As you're going through the process of getting ready for the NFL you see it firsthand, and there is no time to take a break."

On his expectations of himself this year:

"I just want to go out and be the football player that I can be and have fun and play with my teammates. There is no great expectations from me, I'm going out on the field and do what I can do to help the Redskins win. I'm not going to go outside of that and try to be the whole team. I'm just going to be Sean Taylor."

On being a rookie in the NFL and getting tested by offenses:

"As you go up from every level, you have to earn your stripes. Of course people will go after you because they feel you don't know as much, your more capable of making mistakes and your technique is not all there. You can play but you don't have the technique that is needed for the NFL level. Of course people will come after me but you have to have a thick skin and an open mind."

On when he'll be on the field:

"I think I'll be out there tomorrow."

On playing for Joe Gibbs:

"I sat down with him a couple of times and for a rookie that was big for me. I could sit down with my coach and have a conservation--not about football but about life."

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