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Thriving Schools Promote Culture of Healthy Lifestyles


The Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation and Kaiser Permanente's Thriving Schools program will be celebrating schools throughout the D.C. Metro area that understand the importance of creating a pattern of health in the everyday routines of their students, staff and teachers.

Schools recognized by the WRCF and Kaiser Permanente as Thriving Schools of the Week for the month of April focused on recognizing teachers who support healthy lifestyles for their students. From encouraging words to starting student walking clubs, teachers at Whitehall Elementary School, Northwood Elementary School and Christian Center School are positive examples of being a Thriving School.

Whitehall Elementary School; Bowie, Md.:Mr. Jones, the Physical Education (PE) teacher at Whitehall Elementary School, is always highlighting the benefits of physical activity and helping young minds form good habits to last a lifetime. He also started a walking club for kids and teachers before the school day begins. He is always looking for new and innovative ways to engage kids in activities they may not otherwise be exposed to.

Northwood Elementary School; Silver Spring, Md.:Assistant Principal Linda Wolf is able to connect with her students on a very personal level, addressing almost everyone by name. During lunch when she oversees the lunch rush she encourages students who have made healthy food selections. She also goes the extra mile to make sure that students get back to class fueled up and ready to learn.

Christian Center School; Alexandria, Va.:Ms. Longhorne, the coach at this school, works hard to engage and talk to the kids about eating healthy, exercising and being active as much as possible.

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