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VIDEO: Crowder Discusses NFL Journey On 'Redskins Late Night'

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"Ever since I was a young kid I wanted to be a professional football player," wide receiver Jamison Crowder told Chris Paul, host of "Redskins Late Night."

This is true of just about every NFL player today, but the path to achieving that goal is far from similar once players grow up and mature.

The reality of actually playing in the NFL is something that usually dies off in and around high school, when teammates separate from each other with their skills and physicality and strength. For Crowder, the realization his talent could land him at the highest level was as a sophomore at Duke.

"I was doing some really good things on the field at Duke, our team was doing better, and it really started to kick in that I'd have a fair shot at getting into the next level," Crowder said.

A program on the rise also helped his viability.

But of course, none of that talent matters without a support system, and Crowder is most thankful for his parents and his college coach David Cutcliffe.

"He really instilled in me a lot of things that I use in my daily life," Crowder said, "just certain things to do to go about my day."

The two even met in the preseason this year, when the Duke football team visited FedExField.

It's not hard to see how much Crowder appreciates him.

You can catch the full episode on "Redskins Late Night" on Sunday at 1:30 a.m. on NBC-4.




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