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The Washington Commanders announce the launch of Washington Branded, an in-house creative entity designed to develop authentic and engaging offerings for fans and partners

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LANDOVER, MD., April 20, 2022 – Today the Washington Commanders have established an in-house branded entertainment studio called Washington Branded. This new creative arm will offer partners two collaborative options – original content and branded content – focused on the creation of cross-platform content that fans and wider audiences see as entertainment they genuinely want to watch. With talent from a variety of brand, entertainment, media, sports and film backgrounds, Washington Branded is set to stand apart from other similar entities in the industry.

"The idea of the studio was born from a process of honest self-reflection and an analysis of ever-changing brand and consumer needs," said Chief Creative & Digital Officer Will Misselbrook. "In today's fragmented media world, where technology enables consumers to control what, where and when they experience their entertainment, traditional methods of reaching audiences aren't enough. By harnessing the power of storytelling, we're seeking to break through and engage wherever fans and audiences happen to be, leading to deeper, long-lasting connections."

While still relatively new in the NFL, the effectiveness of a branded entertainment studio in increasing reach and leveling up engagement has been demonstrated in other spaces, including streaming services and news media outlets. Through Washington Branded, partners will have the ability to take advantage of the organization's robust creative team, comprised of content creators, designers, producers, marketing, innovation and social media specialists, and more, who will work thoroughly and thoughtfully to produce innovative programming from idea to execution.

"We've already done considerable work to improve our fan experience and expand our partnership offering. Under Will's leadership, we've continued to push our creative strategy in new and exciting ways. The Commanders' recent rebrand is a perfect example of that," Team President Jason Wright said.

With its emphasis on staking a new position in entertainment, Washington Branded reflects and propels the values and spirit central to the kickoff of the Commanders era. The tenets that guide the studio's work, which include being authentic, modern, inclusive and innovative, mirror those that have energized the team's next chapter.

"Washington Branded is yet another important part of our commercial transformation and multi-pronged approach to becoming an innovative and inclusive business of the future," Washington Commanders' Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer Greg Resh said.

The launch of the team's new name and brand identity in early February provided the first opportunities for Washington Branded to showcase its content creation capabilities. Over the last several months, the studio has produced buzzworthy, eye-catching content that's driven millions to the Commanders' platforms. The team's four-part docuseries "Making the Brand", which gave fans a peek behind the curtain of an unprecedented rebrand, generated four million views. Tapping into nostalgia, inspiration, excitement and legacy in chronicling the journey to the team's new identity, the team's official brand launch film became the Commanders' most-watched video of all time with 14 million social views.

Utilizing Washington's legacy as a world-renowned professional sports franchise, Washington Branded is ideally situated to serve brands around the world and put forth unrivalled content that will measurably inspire and entertain audiences.

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