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'You Like That' Chants Fill FedExField And Redskins Fans' Hearts


When quarterback Kirk Cousins yelled "You Like That?!" in the bowels of FedExField two months ago, it made its way to the internet and became something else entirely – a funny phrase turned window into an otherwise reserved guy, a mantra for teammates to yell after victories to indirectly support their offense's leader.

Sunday afternoon, during the Redskins' 35-25 victory over the Bills, that phrase continued its arguably natural progression by returning to the place it was first uttered, this time by the entire FedExField faithful in potentially, though not probably, the last home game.

Indicating the phrase was more than just an internet meme, the on-field hype team began the chants in their corner of the stadium after Cousins scrambled for his 13-yard rushing touchdown. It spread quickly and grew louder.

It happened after tight end Jordan Reed caught his second touchdown pass. It happened after wide receiver DeSean Jackson pulled in his 77-yard touchdown pass. And then it finished strong, when Pierre Garçon collected his five-yard touchdown to seal the victory.

At first, it seemed as though the crowd was becoming patriotic, chanting "U-S-A, U-S-A," an often misapplied, in good fun, chant at sporting events. But then the video boards confirmed speculation that it might actually be Cousins' passionate three words instead.

FedEx field chanting #YouLikeThat — Anthony Raposa (@AnthonyRaposa) December 20, 2015

"Oh yeah. At first I didn't know what they were saying and then I had to look at some of the fans and read their lips," nose tackle Terrance Knighton said.  I hope he's making money from that."

"I heard chants, but I just didn't know what they were saying," running back Alfred Morris said. "But it's kind of cool; they kind of integrated and everything. They have it on the jumbo-tron, the fans are saying it, Kirk's kind of saying it jokingly so. It's been funny. They enjoying it. They like it, I love it."

"Throughout the whole game you hear that," wide receiver DeSean Jcackson said. "It's something that he created when a lot of people thought he wasn't going to be a good starting quarterback or think he wasn't going to be able to get the job done. Especially with the decision that they made on naming him the starting quarterback, as far as us, we're just doing everything we can to get behind him, to stand by him, play him and be in the position that we need to be in once plays are called just to get our jobs done. Just play together, have a great offense and all that good stuff. 'You like that?' Everybody is rolling with it."

By everybody, Jackson means, well, everybody.

Fans, in particular, brought in signs, while some made signs out of the back of their heads.

Kevin Durant joined the fun on Twitter, as did Chris Baker – one of the torchbearers for its continued usage – as did the cheerleaders.

Then Swaggy saw the final score of the Cardinals-Eagles game.

Even the NFL is on board.

Imagine how much people will like that if the Redskins take the division on Saturday night.




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