General FAQs

What can I expect from the Commanders Entertainment Team Kids Summer Dance Camp?

The Washington Commanders Entertainment Team is giving young dancers the chance to train like an NFL performer. The camp consists of two days of clinics where participants will learn choreography featuring freestyle, across-the-floor, NFL sideline and hip-hop routines appropriate for their age and dance level. Clinics will take place over two days and be separated into two age groups to allow our teachers to give young dancers special attention. Participants have the option to attend one or both sessions.

When and where is the camp held?

Day 1: Saturday July 16th at FedExField in Commanders Dance Studio  
Session 1: 10am-1pm Ages 6-10
Session 2: 2pm-5pm Ages 11-17

Day 2: Sunday July 17th at FedExField in Commanders Dance Studio  
Session 1: 10am-1pm Ages 6-10 | Session 1 Showcase: 1-1:30pm
Session 2: 2pm-5pm Ages 11-17 | Session 2 Showcase: 5-5:30pm

What if I can only attend one day of camp?

That is fine! There is no disadvantage for only being able to attend one session.

How can I register?

Interested participants can register at Commanders.com/EntertainmentTeam/KidsClinic.

What is the cost of the camp?

Each clinic session is $50; however, participants who register for both the Saturday and Sunday clinic will receive a $25 discount on the second class, making both sessions $75 total.

Is there a benefit for registering for both days?

Yes - participants will learn more material if they attend both days and feel more confident for the family and friends showcase on Sunday. Attendees who only participate in Saturday sessions will not be able to participate in the showcase on Sunday. Also, participants who register for both days will be given a $25 discount on the second class.

Is experience necessary?

No previous cheer or dance experience is necessary.

What style dance will be taught?

Participants will partake in freestyle, across-the-floor technique and NFL sideline routines. Routines taught will be hip-hop based.

How early can campers arrive?

Check-in starts 30 mins before each session.

Audition FAQs

When and where are Auditions?

Auditions will be held on April 23rd and 24th for the 2022 team at FedEXField in Landover, MD.

Do I have to attend both days of Auditions?

Yes, to be considered for the team you must attend every round of auditions that you are invited to participate in.

How can I prepare myself for auditions?

For dancers auditioning, we recommend you attend our pre-audition dance clinics to prepare for auditions that will be held March 29th- April 20th. See here for more info and to register. If you are a gymnast, we recommend participating in open gym and solidifying your skill sets. We advise all participants wanting to try out to focus on their fitness and health.

What do I wear for Auditions?

Dress to impress but in moveable, hip, athletic wear and sneakers.

Is there an interview round?

Yes - those who are selected as finalists will start the final round of auditions with a panel style interview to allow the judges to get to know you better!

How can I be notified about Audition updates?

Submit your email to our distribution list to be notified of information: Here

If I make the team, when will rehearsals start?

The first team meeting and rehearsals for the 2022 Season will begin on May 10th.

When will you announce who makes the 2022 Team?

We will announce the 2022 Team live at the end of auditions on April 24th. Rookies will then have 2 weeks before the season officially starts.

Can I come watch auditions?

Unfortunately, no. Auditions are not open to the public.

How early can campers arrive?

Check-in starts 30 mins before each session.

Pre-Audition Dance Clinic FAQs

When are the pre-audition dance clinics?

These classes will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Commanders Entertainment Team studio at FedExField. Dates below:

- Session 1: March 29th & March 30th

- Session 2: April 5th & 6th

- Session 3: April 12th & 13th

- Session 4: April 19th & 20th

What is the pre-audition dance clinic?

The Commanders Entertainment Team will host a series of pre-audition dance clinics starting at the end of March leading up to auditions. Each session consists of a Tuesday and Wednesday class. There are 4 sessions in total and are held at the Entertainment Team Studio at FedEXField. These sessions are designed to give attendees an inside look at the Washington Entertainment Team dance style and how the audition process will work. These clinics also allow time to ask questions and receive feedback from captains and coaches.

Do I have to attend the pre-audition dance clinic to audition for the team?

Attending these sessions is not a requirement to audition or make the team, but learning our style directly from captains and coaches is a perk. These sessions are simply to prepare you for auditions and most importantly this team if you are chosen.

What do I wear and bring for pre-audition dance clinics?

We recommend you dress in athletic wear and sneakers. Pack water and snacks.

Is there a cost to attend the pre-audition dance clinic?

Yes. Each session is $100 (includes 2 classes).

Is there a perk to registering and attending all 4 sessions?

Yes - If you register and attend all 4 sessions (8 classes) you not only receive a $50 discount but you are eligible to skip the across the floor round of auditions.

How can I register?

You can register and pay here.

How early can campers arrive?

Check-in starts 30 mins before each session.