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11 Things We Learned From Josh Norman's E:60 Special

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman was featured Tuesday night on "E:60," ESPN's prime-time newsmagazine profiling athletes and their lives on and off the field.

The familiar plot points of Norman's rise from obscurity to highest-paid cornerback in the league are well-documented here by Lisa Salters, as is his infamous confrontation with Odell Beckham Jr. last season while a member of the Panthers.

Because of the dramatics anchoring this story, and because of Norman's propensity to describe events with an actor's bravado, the show's theme and title – "Curtains Up" – aims to shed even more light on Norman's upbringing and ascent into the NFL.

Here's some nuggets, quotes and facts from the show, which you can see in its entirety above, that we learned.

  1. Norman's vision of a farm includes "chickens, ducks, pigs, cows, all that."
  1. As a kid, when everybody went right, Norman went left.
  1. When playing high school football, Norman wore blood red contacts to mess with his opponents.
  1. He wanted to play at the University of Georgia but didn't get a scholarship offer
  1. After high school, he stayed in the living room of his brother Marrio, who played for the Coastal Carolina football team.
  1. Norman took a Theater 150 class as a Dramatic Arts major. For good measure, he would always make a dramatic entrance down the steps in the class when he presented.
  1. He got a "big, fat A," according to his theater professor.
  1. The Coastal Carolina football coach David Bennett says theater like "thee-ay-ter," which Norman would eventually have to stop and switch to Communications to pursue his dream of playing football.
  1. Norman went to New York City for the NFL Draft in 2012, but wasn't invited. He went to the green room, but his name wasn't called until the third day, once he had returned home to South Carolina and gone out to eat at Red Robin.
  1. He's still learning to deal with the disappointment of getting drafted in the fifth round.
  1. When the Redskins courted Norman, he said he had never been wanted like that by any football program in his life.
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