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85th Anniversary Redskins Fan Stories: Tamara Totah-Picache


Tamara Totah-Picache grew up in Rockville, Md., and suddenly found a spark for rooting on the Redskins. The team was coming off its first Super Bowl win and had a group of players she fell in love with.

"I can't explain where my passion comes from, but it was the cast of characters," she said. "It was the hogs, it was the fun bunch, it was Joe Theismann, it was John Riggins, it was Art Monk, it was Rick Walker, it was all these people…they were larger than life."

The passion for her team manifest in a creative outlet.

As a kid, Tamara would draw players in a coloring book and send them birthday cards and letters after wins and losses. Occasionally, she received letters back.

One of those, she recalled, was a get well message to quarterback Doug Williams, who responded to her after receiving an appendectomy. Recently she had the chance to meet with Williams at the team's facility and reflect on the letter he sent her many years ago.

"Growing up people made fun of me," Tamara said. "To now be able to say to the whole world, see, it was worth it, this is cool, this is what it means to be a Redskins fan, to be at Redskins Park, to be actually seeing these players and be able to meet them, it's like a dream come true."

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