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90's Kid Kirk Cousins Listened To Creed While Working Out


When Trent Williams isn't tweeting about foster dogs, or new blenders or new mattresses or his latest drug test diary, occasionally he'll post something about his personality, providing a window into his daily life.

That was the case on Thursday, when Cousins decided to share what came through the speakers during his morning workouts in the weight room.

Offensive lineman Spencer Long was pretty happy about the song selection, too.

Now before you begin to attack Creed, or any players' love of it, take a look back through your CD collection. Odds are, if you're someone in their 20s and 30s, you rocked out to a few songs growing up.

And let's not forget, Cousins is the son of a preacher, which makes listening to Creed, a Christian rock band, par for his childhood's course. But let's be real (and I will fully admit I had/have a Creed CD from my own childhood that used to play frequently). A lot of people can go into a karaoke bar, put on "Higher," or "My Sacrifice," or "With Arms Wide Open" and recite all the lyrics from memory.

Let he who hasn't bobbed his head or mouthed the lyrics to Creed cast the first stone.

The Christian rhetoric has even inspired some T-shirts worn by the inside linebackers. In case you can't read Adam Hayward's red tank top: "Father forgive me for these gains I am about to receive."

Maybe this Creed revelation will be Cousins' new thing. Because, as he said on "Redskins Nation," the whole "You Like That?!" phenomenon is still popular on the streets of Washington, D.C.

"No matter whether it's a youth camp with a young kid, or an adult out at a restaurant, whatever it may be, that's really the phrase I hear the most," Cousins said of the phrase. "It's fun. It was something that the fans really put to use and rallied behind. The hope is we can keep winning games, and have a great run here and maybe it stays alive."

But you can bet that Redskins fans will ask Cousins to take the team even higher this year. Maybe to a place with (burgundy and) golden streets?




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