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After Signing Contract Extension, Colt McCoy Happy To Still Be Playing Football


Looking spritely at practice Friday, Colt McCoy – the soon-to-be 32-year-old quarterback – completed passes with a little extra zip on his ball. The extra enthusiasm, one could assume, comes from the fact that he signed a contract extension with the Redskins, which the team made official this morning.

The new contract cemented the strong level of comfort both head coach Jay Gruden and the front office have in McCoy. At his press conference, Gruden reiterated that he's one of the best backup quarterbacks in the league, and that he can be trusted to lead the offense if his number gets called.

"Why? Cause Colt's a great player to have here," Gruden said when asked about the extension's timing. "He's a great backup quarterback, he's a great quarterback in general, and if something happens to Alex – knock on wood – I know that our team is in good hands and that position you don't want to mess around with."

When asked about the relationships McCoy has with his coaches and teammates, the Texas product was quick to express his gratitude towards Gruden.

"I love Jay, I appreciate Jay, and I think we speak the same language," he said.

It was clear that McCoy, who recently welcomed his third child to the world, wasn't too concerned about negotiating a contract, stating that he was called around 10 p.m. on Wednesday night while he was on his way to camp – everything else just took care of itself. Taking a selfless approach to the game, McCoy was primarily focused on continuing to build a rapport with the second team offense.

"I look forward to helping the guys that are the twos right now be the best players that they can be," McCoy said. "Put them in positions where they can be seen and make plays and that's fun for me."

The Washington Redskins conducted their second day of training camp practice Friday, July 27, 2018 at Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond, Va.

When asked if Nick Foles's performance in Super Bowl LII inspired McCoy to change the way he played -- or used his position as leverage -- in any way, the veteran quarterback didn't bat an eye.

"Of course you think about it," he said. "I couldn't do much because I was under contract and I know how these guys feel about me. So when you take a step back, I think I can appreciate that I have a great job in the NFL. My mindset is that you're always one play away. I never try to cut any corners, always try to prepare. It's a blessing to still be playing football. I love the game and I'm always trying to get better so it's a beautiful thing."

His sentiments were similar when it came to being in the quarterbacks room with expected starter Alex Smith.

"Alex is a true professional. I appreciate how he carries himself, how he approaches the game," McCoy said. "He works at it, studies at it, and we do most of it together. We spend most of our time together, and so far, he's been outstanding to work with. When the season starts, Alex is obviously our starter, and I'll do everything I can to help him; be an extra set of eyes on the field for him and if something happens I'll for sure be ready to step in."

Being in five different systems in the first five years of his career has given McCoy perspective on the importance of stability in an NFL career. While he hasn't attempted a pass in the last two years, he's still confident in his ability to lead the offense.

"I thought I've played well when I've played," McCoy said. "But to be here now, to be in the system and learn its intricacies, the ins-and-outs of what we do, I really don't take that lightly. I feel confident stepping in the huddle and calling plays with whoever's in there. I've been here long enough, and I got a good relationship with all the guys. We're close, so I think that's why it all made sense for me."

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