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Akeem Davis Is Loving (Fishing) Life Right Now

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Here at The Redskins Blog, we try to do research so you don't have to. And by research, I mean the five minutes of Googling about miscellaneous things that makes Google great.

In this edition, we have safety Akeem Davis, who has been spending his off-time this month by his home in Mississippi, posing with a rather large fish that he has just (masterly?) caught. So, naturally, you may be thinking, what kind of fish is he holding and smiling so tenderly about?

Well, through some great research (again, understand how I'm using this term), and based on Davis' caption locating him in the Gulf of Mexico, he caught a Crevalle Jack, which averages 10-12 pounds and swims in pairs near inlets and reefs.

According to a fishing website, "Few fish can out-pull a Crevalle of equal size. The fight is unspectacular but dogged, the usual pattern being a long first run. Jacks use their flat sides to good advantage when waging a tug-o-war."

So, it's possible Davis had an "unspectacular but dogged" time pulling this one out of the Gulf.

He calls it "Nemo" in his caption, which in theory is fine (people get the joke) but it does misrepresent the plight of Clownfish and their attempt to get recognized as a unique species and not become categorized as just any kind of fish, including the Crevalle Jack.

Also, I'd like to point out the apparel he's wearing, which includes some sort of fanny pack-looking fishing apparatus. The fishing hat is a nice touch considering training camp is soon approaching – those hats are a staple in Richmond, Va. -- and then, of course, the Redskins T-shirt, which is good anytime.




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